How To Make Money With Very Little Investment

How To Make Money With Very Little Investment

There is a way to make money quickly with very little money at risk. Anyone can do it regardless of education or skills. The secret? Selling at swap meets and flea markets.   Now you may feel selling at flea markets is a lowly and poor way to make a living, but read on and I will make known some of the secrets that will let you make $1,000 per day at flea markets.

You may be thinking that you have been to flea markets and no one there looks very successful. That is very true. Most folks do it wrong. Here is what you need to know.

Decide on The Right Products
You need to pick unique but profitable products. Dont sell the same old T-shirts and sun glasses that lots of vendors will be selling. Learn to display your goods in a way that will attract buyers. 

Learn To Do Great Demonstrations
The most important thing in success is the demonstration. The large earners at flea markets and swap meets all do a terrific demonstration. The poor earners just sit in a chair and will reluctantly get up and take money from buyers. The big earners do a great demonstration that draws a crowd and makes them buy just like the informercials you see on TV. Our online instant video training lessons teaches how to do the most effective demontration ever devised, the "New Jersey Boardwalk Demo". This demo follows the time proven methods that gets sales, and lots of them.

Take Credit Cards
Be sure to arrange to take credit cards. This service is accessible through Pay Pal, Google and may other sources. People will spend far more with credit cards than they will with currency.

Earning Illustration
Lots of people think you cant make $1,000 per day at flea markets, so lets look at an authentic example. We teach in the course several great products to sell and where to get them. One product we suggest turns tap water into great tasting soda pop. The apparatus sells for about $99.00 and cost about $60.00, so the profit per machine us about $40.00. 

If you did a demonstration every hour and drew a crowd of 20 at each demo, you could with no trouble sell 4 at each demo. If you did this for 6 hours, you would sell 24 units at $40.00 profit is $960.00. But why do one per hour? You could easily do four demos per hour.

Learn To Close
Many flea market vendors have no training and no idea how to close sales. Closing is the art of making an interested person want to pay for the item and not keep strolling and looking. There are many ways to close that we discuss in our training course. 

Learn To Up Sell
Unsuccesful sellers are happy to get a sale. Great earners sell additional goods. For example, if a person buys shoes from you, they wuill ned extra laces, polish, water proofing and more. Keep selling until they stop buyiing. Youll be amazed how much the 
routine of upselling will add to your sales and profits. 

Carl Davidson is an expert on selling at trade shows, flea markets and swap meets. His on line video training program is sold world wide to thousands of successful flea market vendors. To find out more, visit www.Fleamarketbiz.Com or call 716-580-3384.