How to Make Any Girl Desperately Want You - Make Them Chase You Down Like Crazy & Beg For Attention

How to Make Any Girl Desperately Want You - Make Them Chase You Down Like Crazy & Beg For Attention

Some guys get it all when it comes to girls while others struggle. For some its as easy as a walk in the park while for others its as hard as climbing a mountain. You see the fact is that its not that hard to get a girls attention and make her desire you desperately. There are some psychological triggers most girls have which when pressed would make her chase you like anything. These are some tricks no one will ever tell you. Read on to discover what these tricks are and achieve earth shattering results before its too late........

Show a lot of interest at first- You most make your opening by showing a lot of interest in her where she gets the indication that you are interested in her. You must give her slight compliments make your conversation as interesting as possible. The more she gets involved with you the better it would be.

Then shift your focus- Now this is where the fun begins. Shift your focus from her to other girls while she is around. Talk to other girls around her as much as possible and try to ignore her a bit. You see what this does is she starts to think that you are more interested in other girls than her now and she will try to turn the tables and would try to get your attention now.

Now start playing too hard to get- This is where you play her back in her own game. Start playing a bit hard to get when she tries to talk to you or makes an attempt to get your attention. When you start playing too hard to get you will become some what of a challenge & she will virtually get desperate for your attention.

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