How to Get Your Girl Back this week - Reject Her

How to Get Your Girl Back this week - Reject Her

Having a recent break up can be very agonizing. This is especially true if you do not want it to finish and, regardless of everything, you want to get your girl back. People who have split up with their girlfriend can frequently get desperate, calling and texting her several times a day, turning to pleading and guilt-trip methods in a plan to get her back. Some fully let themselves go, stop eating well and begin to drink too much alcohol.

Hopefully this is not the case with you. If it is, stop it! No woman is attracted to a needy man. If anything, it will reinforce her decision to finish the relationship and that is the very last thing you would like. Shes not really going to become more attracted to you if you stop looking after yourself.

The very first step to take to get your girl back is to pull yourself back together. Perhaps this is easier said than done, but it becomes simpler and simpler once youve made the decision to do it. This is partially because if you act more positively to others, theyre going to be more positive to you. Positivity, like misery, is self perpetuating. Your ex girlfriend will also notice the change in you, and is likely to also change her thinking about you.

It may help to realize that a part of the reason why you feel so bad right now is not totally about her, but about the rejection youre feeling. Its just part of our mental make up as humans. Thinking about your feelings like this, will help you look at the situation more objectively.

You can also use this knowledge to your benefit in this position. If you are feeling a sense of loss as you feel rejected, you can reverse those feelings by rejecting her. Humans have a mental fear of loss of what they have, and by rejecting your ex girlfriend you will spark that sense of losing something in her.

Dont misunderstand what Im saying here, I am not saying you should act juvenile, or being an idiot about this. You need to go about this the right way or it might easily go wrong and ruin any chance you have of getting back your ex girlfriend. This is a serious caution- This will work, but you dont want to mess it up.