How To Get Your Boyfriend Back - Common Errors That Push Men Away

How To Get Your Boyfriend Back - Common Errors That Push Men Away

If your ex broke up with you, getting him back can often be hard. But while its a tricky process, there are always ways to fix your break up... no matter what the circumstances might be. Winning back your boyfriend is all about making the correct moves, but even more critical is to avoiding making the wrong ones. The list below shows the most common errors girls can make that will cause your man to run in the opposite direction.

Have you ever heard the adage less is more? This is especially true when it comes to getting back together with a boyfriend. Making your ex want you again isnt so much about the things you do to get him back, but more about the actions you dont take. You must always tread carefully after a break up. You need to watch everything you say or do, especially in the beginning when your ex is watching you closely for a reaction. Below youll find a list of really big mistakes women often make while trying to get back an ex boyfriend.

* Overly Contacting Your Ex - After being dumped, one of the biggest mistakes women make is trying to keep in touch with their ex. Although he mightve told you he wants to remain friends, you shouldnt be contacting your ex in any way, shape or form. Dropping out of his sight is the best way to let him know youve accepted the breakup, and disappearing from his view is a fantastic way to get him interested again. The more youre not there, the more your ex will also start to miss you. Remember the golden rule: when a man breaks up with you, hes looking for your reaction to the end of the relationship. Give him none, and hell suddenly be very interested in why you arent chasing him.

* Telling Him You Love Him Again and Again - Once your ex ends things, youll suddenly begin realizing exactly what you had. As you lament losing your boyfriend, this will cause you to want to tell him how much you really do love and need him. Youll feel the urge to call your ex and tell him all those little things youve always had a hard time saying before - yet now theyre crystal clear. Youll convince yourself that if you can only let him know these things, hell come running back to you. Yet in all honesty, this never happens. Just after your ex breaks up with you is the absolute worst time to be spilling your guts like this. Save it for later on, when you and your ex are getting back together again - you can tell him you love him then. Until then? Write it down on a note, fold it up, and tuck it away for a later date. Trying to tell him now is only going to be too little, too late.

* Crying and Begging For Your Relationship Back - You cant guilt your ex into coming back to you. These types of behaviors might give you a temporary shoulder to cry on, but in the long run you look nothing but totally desperate. Dont do this to yourself, or to any future relationship you might have with this guy. Crying and begging will always cause your ex to lose respect for you, and on top of that youre heaping a ton of unwanted guilt on his shoulders. Hell feel awkward around you, and will avoid you as much as possible. Its better to make a clean break, because it gives you the chance to move forward and (eventually) work toward building a new relationship with your ex.

* Threatening Your Ex With Deadlines - Really bad idea. The things you say while angry and upset will come back to haunt you later on, and will only serve to make you look stupid. Youve been dumped; youre in no position to be making any demands of your ex. Ultimatums and deadlines designed to scare your ex into getting back together with you wont ever work. Avoid this behavior at all costs, so you can maintain whatever respect your exboyfriend still has for you. Youll need it later on, when youre working toward getting your ex back.

* Getting Your Friends to Speak to Him - After ending things, some of the last people your ex wants to run into are your friends. Your ex will feel strange and awkward around them, and if he suspects you sent them to feel him out on the subject of your break up, hes going to totally resent you for it. Itll make things weird between you, him, and your friends too - something that wont be too cool when you finally do end up getting your ex back. Dont ever involve a third party when trying to reverse your break up... it leads only to miscommunication and problems. Nothing good ever comes out of it.

These are just some of the worst mistakes made while trying to fix your breakup. For the complete, detailed guide on how to make your ex want you back, check out how to Get Back An Ex Boyfriend!