How To Diagnose And Treat Baby Yeast Infection On Face by Acting On The Spot
How To Diagnose And Treat Baby Yeast Infection On Face by Acting On The Spot

How To Diagnose And Treat Baby Yeast Infection On Face by Acting On The Spot

Despite common belief, babies can develop baby yeast infection on face. Most people think this condition only affect woman but babies can be affected as well, however, its not a very painful condition. If the baby is affected they must be treated ASAP to prevent further secondary effects.

Can the use of antibiotics cause infection in my baby?

A common question is whether a baby can be infected with yeast because of antibiotics. Many mothers would like to find out the answer and I hope this article will shed some light to this topic. The answer is that it is possible and it can happen directly or indirectly. Let me explain.

Some of the symptoms of baby yeast infection on face are white patches on cheeks and mouth area as well as white discharged liquid. You should take into account that the main cause of yeast infection is giving antibiotics to the baby due to the mothers intake and it goes to the breast milk, or if the baby was given antibiotics for any reason.

If the mother breastfeeds an infected baby its worth saying that she should know she might develop the infection as well. She should ask the babys physician about what to do, since some mothers prefer to breastfeed anyway and be treated accordingly. A well-known home remedy is applying yogurt to the affected skin before and after breastfeeding the baby to get a soothing effect.

Other ways of treating baby yeast infection at home is apple vinegar baths, or applying concentrated hydrogen peroxide to the affected skin which helps in the healing process and has no contraindications since.

A household name for baby yeast infection on face is "thrush", this is not as common a disease as diaper rash, but needs to be immediately taken care from the moment you notice the white patches in the inside of the mouth, such as tongue or gums. Do not delay your visit to your physician when you notice the first symptoms, particularly if you have had no idea of home remedies for the infection.

Baby yeast infection on face treated on time prevents the baby from developing a more complex disease, and if properly treated it saves a lot of pain and time to the baby and the parents since this infection can be developed either in boys or girls. Thus, if diagnosed and treated rightaway you can rest assure the baby will be fine.

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