How to Cope with Hair Loss during Pregnancy -Part 2
How to Cope with Hair Loss during Pregnancy -Part 2

How to Cope with Hair Loss during Pregnancy -Part 2

In the first part of this two-part series, we briefly looked at one of the causes of hair loss during pregnancy. However, increased hormonal activity and oestrogen secretion are not the only problems and factors influencing hair loss during pregnancy. Sometimes, hair loss can be as a result of the woman not eating well. Ironically, women who have been known to eat the right foods, take all the recommended supplements and vitamins, and take lots of rest generally enjoy better health. These category of women end up growing better hair as a result of these activities because the hair thrives well in environments where it is well taken care of. This is why it can be safely assumed that if you are not carrying out these activities, you hair is likely to be suffering from malnutrition.

There are various nutrients needed in the body that can cause an individual to either improve their rate of hair growth or lose their hair. The minerals -zinc and iron- have been linked to hair growth and loss. If a woman stops taking these tablets, she is predisposing herself to being bald. Once a woman is pregnant, she needs to have a diet full of vegetables and fruits as they have antioxidants capable of promoting increased hair growth.

To also determine how well you are and how much vitamins and minerals you are getting, ask your doctor. You should not be lacking in important vitamins such as Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, Inositol and Biotin, and Vitamin E.

One important thing you must understand is that hair loss during pregnancy is a temporary thing and you are likely to regrow your hair after birth as your hair will go through the normal cycle without being influenced by hormonal imbalance. But one thing some women go through is lose more hair after pregnancy than when hey were pregnant. This is not something to be worried about as most women go through this and will become normalized with time. Whatever happens, be rest assured that it is not for long. So, try not to worry too much. But if you think you are capable, you can carry out the following steps which will definitely reduce he incidence of hair loss during pregnancy:

1. As painful as this may sound, it may become necessary. If your hair starts thinning, it is better to cut it that wear what looks like strands of hair on your head. With a cut hair, hair loss during pregnancy is less noticeable.
2. Wear the hair as ponytail as this does a good job of hiding any bald sots or thinning hair.
3. Wear a broad headband. This will definitely hide any patterns of hair loss.
4. Do not make hairstyles that will further expose the fact that you are losing your hair. So, hairstyles like braids, cornrows and hair rollers are a definite no-no.
5. If you suspect that your hair lacks biotin, wash it with biotin shampoo
6. Avoid vigorous combing when the hair is still wet. As an alternative, comb gently using a wide-toothed comb.

All in all, knowing that this is just a phase that is about to pass in ones life makes the thought of losing your hair and when you finally see the baby after birth, youll find hat losing your hair something that beautiful was well worth the sacrifice.


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