How to Construct Your Own Hot Tub Enclosure

How to Construct Your Own Hot Tub Enclosure

When you want to install a hot tub inside your home, in order to have it looking its best you should build a hot tub enclosure around it. Now you can purchase hot tub enclosures, but you will enjoy relaxing in the water when you know that you completed this job on your own. This makes the enjoyment of it that much better. Even if you are not an experienced carpenter, there are many kits you can buy to help you complete the job.

The first thing you have to do in building a hot tub enclosure is to get the precise measurements of the tub. Just because the hot tub is circular or triangular in shape doesnt mean that you have to build the enclosure in this shape. A hot tub of any shape will look great in a square or rectangular shaped enclosure. This will give you plenty of room to sit on the side or have a place to lay your towels.

If you are building hot tub enclosures without a kit that comes with all the materials you need, you can get advice from the staff at your local building supply store. You will need to purchase four 4x4s for the corners. These will be the posts of the enclosure, but you will need to cut them for the height of the enclosure. Eight pieces of 2x4 are needed for the sides and you will need to have these long enough to match the measurements of the diameter of the tub.

It is important to use only pressure treated wood when building a hot tub enclosure. Measure everything twice before you make any cuts to avoid mistakes and having to make additional purchases because of this. Use decking screws to assemble the pieces to form a box around the tub.

Browse the many online sites featuring hot tub enclosures. You will find that there are many designs available such as small hot tub gazebos with open and closed sides. The design you choose will depend the location of the hot tub. If you have the hot tub outdoors, you will need to think about privacy and the prevention of debris falling into the water. You also want to think about how bothered you would be by insects that can ruin your relaxation in the tub.

If you want to be able to use the hot tub all year round, then you should think about installing thermal windows and doors in the hot tub enclosure. Not only will they make your soak more enjoyable by keeping out the elements of weather but they will save on heating costs by preventing the water from getting cold.

Hot tub enclosures need to have a firm foundation. A hot tub is very heavy, even without the weight of water. Then when you add water you will need to make sure that the foundation can withstand this extra weight. Most homeowners choose to use a concrete pad as the foundation, but you can also use patio stones, cinder blocks, super spikes, or concrete footings. The floor also has to be level. If it is not then you will encounter problems when building the walls and the roof, not to mention the fact that the hot tub will not be level.

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