How to clean ugg boots

How to clean ugg boots

Ugg boots are made from sheepskin and wool. They are very expensive and luxury, so they need to be well taken care of, When they become dirty, they present poorly and need a good cleaning.

There are both preventive measures and cleaning methods that are useful for keeping ugg boots clean. When you combine both methods, you should be able to enjoy clean ugg boots for years to come.

Avoid wearing ugg boots when it is likely they will get dirty. It is best to wear alternative shoes on days that rain heavily and when snow is wet and slushy (dry snow should be all right). Avoid walking in mud at any time; it cakes on and it is hard to remove at the time or afterward. Anything that can soak your uggs should be avoided (puddles, streams, wet areas). Also avoid wearing ugg boots anywhere that they might be scratched, such as hiking trails, as the leather is soft and will scratch easily and permanently.

Consider spraying new ugg boots with a water resistant and stain-repellent spray. Ask when you purchase the boots if the retailer has this on hand. It can save a bit of heartache down the track. Make sure to spray evenly and leave to dry for 24 hours after spraying so that it is throughly dry. Ugg Australia recommends frequent reapplication during the rainy season.

Prepare to wash by hand. Most manufacturers will recommend washing ugg boots by hand. Use only water and vinegar on a cloth or a leather cleaner on a sponge. Use 1 part vinegar/cleaner to 1 part water. Gently dampen the outside of the boot with the cloth or sponge. Do not attempt to water log the boot and never put an ugg boot into water; it will lose its shape. Dab gently at any areas that have stains.

Dry away from heat. Ugg boots can be dried over a boot holder (hanging upside down) in a warm room and away from direct heat. Do not put your ugg boots next to the fire or heater to dry! If you do not have a boot hanger, stuff them with paper towels, a rolled-up towel, or newspaper to help them retain their shape. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours

Brush into top shape again. Once dried, use a lint brush, nubuck brush, soft cloth, or a suede brush and gently brush the natural line back into the boots (nap).This will also pick up any fluff that may have dried on during the washing process.

Respray any waterproofing and stain resistant products that you might be using after drying and brushing back into shape.

Deodorize your ugg boots.

There are many kinds of ugg boots, Classic Cardy Boots, Sundance II Boots, ugg nightfall Boots and so on,but the step how to clean them are same, according the step you can protect the boots well.
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