How To Build A Safe Matrimonial Profile Online
How To Build A Safe Matrimonial Profile Online

How To Build A Safe Matrimonial Profile Online

Online matrimony is now one of the most trusted sources of matrimony. The term is quite familiar to all those who are in a marriageable age. These days, various matrimonial websites are helping individuals make the right choice of a life partner.
Till a few years ago, it was mainly parents or grandparents or the local matrimonial channel (relatives and advisers) that searched for the perfect match for their children. However, this is not the case now. Today, the prospective bride and bride register themselves on various online matrimonial sites or their parents register their childs profile online for searching a right partner for them. These sites provide choices in all areas like religion, caste, community, location etc.
Matrimonial websites boast of a plethora of profiles and to make your profile stand out from millions of profile, you should make an interesting profile.
Lets look at the most important things that you should consider while creating a good online matrimonial profile. If you are searching for a bride or a groom online, just signing up on online matrimonial sites is not enough. Registering yourself online is the first step but to make your profile look more attractive, you should add a few more details. When you create your online matrimonial profile or bio-data, do consider the following aspects. Dont forget that marriage happens once in a life-time, so present yourself at your best.

1. Put your recent photo - For creating an impressive matrimonial profile, photo is the most important aspect. Many people are shy and are hesitant about putting their details or photo online. But the fact is that when there are lakhs of profiles with photos, it is important for you as well to put picture as it will help you in gaining a better response. Photo increases responses by almost 10-15%. Do consider following things while putting your photo on a matrimonial website.

• Get your picture clicked by a professional photographer - Always put a picture which has been clicked by a professional photographer. There should not be any compromise when it comes to the way you look in the photo. Only a good photographer can capture you in the best way.
• Wear proper clothes - While getting your picture clicked make sure that you wearing proper clothes. You should not be wearing something very conservative and also you should not over dress yourself.
• Pose perfectly - The way you pose yourself in the picture will represent a lot about your personality. So, make sure you pose yourself confidently.
• Clothes for boys - Boys should prefer wearing shirt and pant or t-shirt and jeans. Nothing special or extraordinary should be worn as you should not look overdressed for a picture.
• Clothes for girls - Girls should prefer wearing salwar-suit, regular saree or a casual top and jeans. This way they would make them look simple yet beautiful.

2. Always provide complete information - Make sure that you put complete information about yourself. It helps other members in understanding you, your thoughts, family etc. Some people feel that specifying everything in the paragraph is good enough, but its not.

For instance, people tend to ignore questions like Are you a Manglik? If you are manglik, do select the I am Manglik option. Similarly, when asked about caste or martial status, reply to it meticulously. Use every specified section to describe about yourself, your family, education, profession, aspirations and expectations your desired partner profile. This way, you will have a better chance to meet your prospective match.

3. Do write about yourself - Just give brief information but adequate information about yourself in the about yourself section. Lengthy description can make your profile looking boring. For instance, if you are an MBA, simply mention that, do not write about grades or passing year etc, all that can be talked later. Simply write about your professional and educational background. Also, give a brief description about your family background - mention how many siblings you have and the profession of your parents. Besides that, it is important to talk about the kind of life partner you are looking for, so dont forget to mention that. In the end, do a spelling and grammar check.

5. Visit the website and login regularly - Just creating a profile on matrimony site is not enough, you should also login to the site regularly and express interest in members that satisfy your criteria. Be proactive in your search.

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