How do I make eye-catching grocery store displays?

How do I make eye-catching grocery store displays?

How do I make eye-catching grocery store displays?

There are several things you can do to make your grocery store displays more attractive. Here are some tips. Customers will appreciate the extra touches, and youll notice a difference in your bottom line.

1.Put wire display racks at the end of aisles. Customers notice your specials when theyre on endcaps. Whether its bunches of grapes, cans of chicken soup, or the newest breakfast cereal, stacking your specials neatly on a wire display rack will draw peoples attention.

2.Use plastic fish bowls to display trial-size items. A lot of customers are afraid to spend too much on a new type of shampoo or a package of bubble bath. They will, however, spend twenty-five cents on a trial-size version, to see if its something they want to invest in later. Fill some plastic fishbowls with the trial-size soaps, mouthwashes, deodorants, toothpastes, and lotions you receive from your vendors. Customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness. They might even pick them up for emergency stashes and camping trips too.

3.Offer bulk candy in acrylic bins. Bulk candy looks great when its kept in attractive acrylic bins, with scoops, paper bags, and a scale nearby. Parents appreciate the opportunity to keep childrens portions under control, and might even take a little for themselves. Consider marketing your bulk candy seasonally-peppermints at Christmastime, candy corn at Halloween, pretty pastel candies for Easter.

4.Use clear shelves to display your fresh-baked goods. If you have a bakery in your store, then you know the importance of keeping baked goods fresh. Thats just what youll do when you invest in clear shelves with hinged lids. Customers can look inside and see for themselves the snack cakes, breads, donuts, and bagels. Make sure to include a pair of tongs, a box of wax paper, and some paper bags, so people can help themselves.

5.Use sturdy wooden bins and cart to display fresh produce. Tomatoes, onions, and bananas all look good when theyre displayed in wooden display fixtures. The message is: "Our produce is farm-fresh!" Surround your wooden bins and carts with a few hay bales, and watch the customers go wild for your fresh fruits and vegetables.
If you take the time to build more attractive grocery store displays, customers will come in more often, spend more money, and enjoy the experience. Your store will get a reputation for cleanliness and attending to the details.

Consider today how you might make your grocery store displays more appealing.