Get Real Estate License - Florida
Get Real Estate License - Florida

Get Real Estate License - Florida

Are you looking all over the web to find out how to get your Florida real estate license?  First, there is a better option than sitting in a classroom for 1-2 months; get your real estate license online!  Next, searching the Internet to find exactly what you are looking for can be very frustrating; quit your exhaustive voyage of researching online real estate schools one at a time; view the top schools all in one place.  The following steps are extremely important in making sure you meet the necessary license requirements and complete your courses quickly and easily.

Check out the following real estate agent license requirements to become licensed in Florida. 

Florida Real Estate License Requirements:

    * To obtain licensure, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma/equivalent.

    * Successful completion of FREC-approved pre-licensing course for sales associates (Course I) consisting of 63 hours and covering the topics required by the FREC.

    * Minimum grade of 70% on exam.

    * Pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Exam with a grade of 75 or higher or pass the Florida Real Estate Law Examination with a grade of at least 30.

    * Submit a completed RE 2050-1 form to activate the license, or the license is issued on inactive status. If you want to immediately begin working as a sales associate, submit the RE 2050-1 form.


Great, youve qualified to get your Florida real estate license, have completed your courses and are ready to take your real estate exam.  Just so you know, many people will fail their real estate exam the first time they take it. To avoid this, take real estate exam prep classes.

Exam Prep Classes - Florida:

Many successful real estate agents will unwillingly tell you that it took them a few times to pass their exam. To make sure you pass the first time, take advantage of real estate exam prep courses. They will save you time, money and allow you the opportunity to start your real estate career as soon as possible.

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Choosing An Florida Real Estate Brokerage:

Once you pass your real estate exam and are ready to begin your career, you need to find a respectable broker to affiliate with; do your homework to make sure you are going to get the best real estate training and support. One broker that stands out above the others is Keller Williams® Realty.  KW is gaining real estate agents while others are losing because they focus solely on helping the agent build their business and offer extensive continuing education which helps the agent thrive in the current market. Find out if Keller Williams® Realty is the right place for you!

In conclusion, its really not that difficult to get your Florida real estate license.  Follow these steps and you can be out there selling real estate in no time.  Work hard, stay consistent in building clients (relationships) and you will see a huge snowball of business come your way.  Well wishes in your real estate career!