Get Him Back Using These Killer Tactics
Get Him Back Using These Killer Tactics

Get Him Back Using These Killer Tactics

Breakups are never easy and pretty soon your breakup isnt going to be very easy on your ex. Yes, you heard me right. As upset and emotional as you may be right now, very soon the tables will be turned and it will be your ex who is the emotional one that comes banging on your door asking for another chance.

The simple fact is that if you have been pursuing your ex or been trying to stay in touch with him you are actually driving him away. This is human nature. But if this is true then the inverse is also true. Soon he will want you back because he believes that he cant have you. Do you understand?

Take advantage of these powerful tactics and soon you will begin to see a change in him... a very pleasant change if you are hoping to get your ex back.

No Contact - This is a basic. From here on out you will not initiate any contact with your ex. There will be no more phone calls or text messages or emails coming from you to check on him or ask him any questions. He has broken up with you and any attempt on your part, no matter how legitimate it may be, is viewed as an act of manipulation and it makes you appear weak and needy. Im sorry... this may hurt but I am truthful because I want whats best for you.

Soon you will have all the time in the world to talk and chat and discuss current events but for right now. This is your time to heal and grow strong again because of what he has put you through. Take advantage of this time because youre not going to be single for long.

Create Some Mystery - Along with this sudden change in your routine of not contacting your ex will come a bit of mystery. He will be relieved at first that you have stopped calling, texting, writing and whatever else youve been doing to try to stay in his life in some little way. To further enhance this air of mystery it is advisable that you begin to change up your schedule a bit. Maybe you can start by going out with some friends on a regular basis or even taking an extra day or two off from work and go away for a long weekend.

The change in your pattern of behavior will begin to make him wonder whats going on in your life. If you have mutual friends you can let them know that youre going away for the weekend or that youre going out. You dont have to tell them where youre going and if you are questioned you can be vague and "mysterious".

Move On - All of this leads to the appearance that you have moved on. You dont have to really "move on" and find a secret lover. You simply want to give the appearance that this breakup hasnt affected you in quite the way that he may have thought originally. Soon doubt will begin to creep in followed by curiosity and there is a very good chance that soon his mind will shift and he will realize that you may have moved on with your life... with another man.

Jealousy is a very powerful emotion as you may have already experienced yourself if you have given any thought to your ex being with another woman. It can eat you up inside and cause a human being to do some pretty drastic things to win back what they once pushed away.

With a little patience and discipline you can use these tactics to your advantage and bring about a change in your ex that is 180 degrees from where things may be right now. Just remember... you need to take a little time for yourself because you deserve it.

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