Foods To Avoid For Gout What You Need To Know

Foods To Avoid For Gout What You Need To Know

Rheumatic conditions are not pleasant and one that can be very painful is gout. This is a condition that occurs when there is too much uric acid in the body. Uric acid is created when there are too many purines in the body. Purines are found in the tissue of the human body and also within certain foods. Whilst there is little that can be done to reduce purines in tissue, if you know the foods to avoid for gout you can reduce attacks.

Having gout can be very painful and it is not something that is fun to deal with. You should make sure you stick with a diet that is low in protein.

Gout is so painful because uric acid crystals form in the fluid within the joints. These crystals make moving the joints very difficult and they can also swell up. This then leads to an attack of gout which can leave sufferers bed ridden. Anyone who suffers from gout needs to know foods to avoid for gout so they can steer clear of this painful condition.

Apart from all we have listed in the above paragraph, you will need to stay away from salmon, shellfish, anchovies, scallops, dark fish fillets and sardines. Some of the other foods you will need to avoid are those foods that are high in purines. Purines are only known to make gout worse. This means you will need to stay away from spinach, mushrooms, radishes, cauliflower and asparagus. The foods we just listed will raise the amount of uric acid that is in your body. This will crystallize those joints, which will cause you even more pain.

You should also stay away from those foods that are high in carbohydrates. This involves yeast, oatmeal, whole wheat breads and wheat bran. This is because they will higher your acidity level in your body and would make the painful gout attack last even longer.

Although it can sometimes be hard to avoid all gout inducing foods suffers should do all they can to avoid them. This means altering your diet and trying to include foods which are healthy and well balanced.

Doing this will not only help with your gout, it will also help to keep you healthy and regulate your weight. So to keep yourself gout free pay keen attention to what you eat and make sure you know the foods to avoid for gout.

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