Find Out What Kills Hair Follicles and Prevent Baldness from Happening

Find Out What Kills Hair Follicles and Prevent Baldness from Happening

With the increase of pattern baldness in males and females these days, the question of what kills hair follicles is becoming a serious topic. However, once you know the reason for the patchy hair loss, you can prevent baldness from happening using an effective and natural hair restoration treatment.

It is not common knowledge that the most common reason for hair loss and baldness is damage to the follicles. If you have damaged follicles, then the next thing you could expect is the thinning of your hair which leads, slowly but surely, to total baldness.

If you cannot picture yourself without your crowning glory, then you should start immediately and learn the root of the problem. Find out what kills hair follicles and when you do, youll be able to prevent a big problem that could hurt your ego badly.

What kills hair follicles is going down to the very core of the hair loss problem, so there is no better way to deal with it than this way.

The hair root and bulb is located in a sac-like pouch called the hair follicle and situated immediately below the scalps surface. The root that your new hair has is responsible in stimulating the hair bulb.

This process brings about a protein called keratin to the newly grown hair. This keratin pushes upwards, and brings with it the dead hair cells till it produces the new hair outside. Thus, if your follicles die, so does the chance of growing new hair.

While there are many reasons for the death of hair follicles that people think about, e.g., genes, chemicals, stress, scalp infections, etc....what kills hairs follicles most of the time is actually the human hormones that turns into the very harmful DHT (or dihydrotestosterone), harmful to the follicles, that is.

This can easily shrink and eventually kill them leading you to baldness. But now that you know what kills hair follicles, the next wise move would be how to prevent them from being killed.

What you should look for is the best DHT blocker which contains proven ingredients. Because, the sooner you notice patchy hair loss and begin treatment, the more successful youll be at preventing baldness from happening.

Here are the best ingredients that are proven to work that you should use:

• Minoxidil -- the FDA approved substance proven to stimulate follicle growth helps block the DHT hormone. It also increases the circulation to your scalp thus provides the nutrients and oxygen that are needed by the follicles.

• Herb Extracts -- natural substances used to cure hair loss. Look for Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root because they help block DHT effectively, allow new growth, boost circulation and improve immune system.

• Vitamins and Minerals -- an effective natural hair restoration treatment should contain these essential ingredients like biotin, magnesium and zinc that prevent DHT from reaching your hair follicles and help you maintain strong, healthy hair.

So, make sure you find these proven substances in a hair loss prevention treatment. Then, youll be able to block the DHT hormone gradually revitalize your hair follicles and regrow and sustain strong, healthy hair.

Now you know what kills hair follicles and the best ingredients to prevent baldness from happening. Visit my website today to learn more about a cure for baldness with these natural substances which are excellent for promoting new hair growth and optimum health.

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