File Extension GBA
File Extension GBA

File Extension GBA

Game Boy Advance (GBA) is a handheld console for video games developed by Nintendo. The game files used in this console have the file extension .gba. This file extension is the ROM Image used by the console.

The file extension .gba was first used on the 21st of March 2001 when the Game Boy Advance was introduced in Japan. It was followed by the launching of the console in Australia and Europe on the 22nd of June 2001. GBA files also use related extensions such as:

• .a78;
• .a26;
• .cht;
• .cgc;
• .eep;
• .dol;
• .fig;
• .elf;
• .gbc;
• .gb;
• .gcm;
• .gci;
• .gd3;
• .nds;
• .n64;
• .nes;
• .smc;
• .rom;
• .srm;
• .snec;
• .ufo;
• .swc;
• .v64; and
• .z64.

The GBA ROM image file used for the Game Boy Advance console is a format containing data copies of information stored in a CD or cartridge among other data storage devices.

GBA files and other ROM-type files may be opened only with emulation software. An emulator or emulator software is the program that allows the computer to emulate or mimic the functions of video game consoles among other device types designed with full compatibility support.

GBA files can be opened and played on MS Windows-based desktops or laptops. Users should follow the guidelines listed below to open and play GBA files on their computers.

1. Download an appropriate GBA emulator and install it in the system directory. When using MS Windows XP, unzip the files without extracting them. It is recommended to decompress the files because the directory will be used as storage for the gba rom and save game files appended with the extension .sav.
2. Simply use the installed emulator to open and play GBA files. Just drag and drop the file to the emulator. Alternatively, launch the emulator, click file, open, and select the GBA file.

There are 2 possible reasons when the guidelines mentioned above dont work. One is an improper or incompatible emulation program version is installed, and the other is a corrupted or damaged System Registry that may even slow down or negatively affect game functions of the GBA files.

A good registry cleaner can help determine files and programs preventing the proper functioning and loading of files with the GBA file extension among other formats. It can subsequently repair corrupted entries and keys found in the System Registry. It then removes all unnecessary System Registry entries or keys to optimize the functions of the OS and the programs installed in it. This expedites the opening and playing of files with the GBA extension among other formats.