Farmville Cheats - Get Farmville Cash
Farmville Cheats - Get Farmville Cash

Farmville Cheats - Get Farmville Cash

What is Farmville?

FarmVille is a real-time sim-farm web-based online game developed by Zynga, available as an application on Facebook. The game allows you to control a virtual farm by planting, growing and harvesting your virtual crops, trees, and livestock. FarmVille has become the most popular game application on Facebook with over 60 million players as of November 2009. It launched in June 2009.

Farmville Seeds:

You can plant seed in small plots of land by first plowing them. Different plants take different lengths of time to grow, from between two hours to four days. Once the plants are fully grown they can be harvested for coins and sometimes experience points. Crops must be harvested within a certain time limit or they will rot. This time limit is the amount of time it takes for the plant to grow. If you dont harvest the plant within the time limit, the crop will become withered and die, thus giving no coins or experience points to you when harvesting it.

Farmville Trees:

Trees can be harvested and produce various fruits. Compared to normal crops, fruit from trees does not have a time limit and will not rot if not harvested in time. Trees can be moved around the farm after you plant them, as opposed to normal crops which are planted in plots of land that must be dug up and destroyed if you want to move them. Trees can be bought and received as gifts as well.

Farmville Animals:

Almost all of the animals can be harvested after a certain time and will give you eggs, milk or other products. Sometimes animals will roam onto your farm and Farmville will prompt you asking if you want to ignore the animal or publish the lost animal on your Facebook news feed so your friends could adopt the animal to their farm. You will also get a reward for posting the lost animal. Additionally, animals can be bought or received as gifts.

Farmville Buildings:

Buildings can be placed on your farm. Most buildings have no bonus effects besides just being a decoration for the farm and some XP by building it. Some buildings do have bonus effects such as the Dairy Farm or Chicken Coop, which allow you to harvest milk or eggs from 20 cows or 20 chickens simultaneously!

Farmville Decorations:

Decorations are small and have no special powers. They can be placed all over the farm. Some decorations can be rotated too.

Farmville Vehicles:

You can purchase Farmville Vehicles to make planting, harvesting and plowing faster. The currently available vehicles from the market are the tractor, the seeder and the harvester. These vehicles make plowing, seeding, and harvesting faster by allowing you to plow, seed, and harvest four plots of land at a time. This is much faster than just doing one at a time. When you run out of gas, you can either wait for it to refill automatically or buy some more using FarmVille cash.

Farmville Ribbons:

Youre able to earn yellow, white, red and blue ribbons. You gain these based on your efforts in Farmville by completing certain achievements, such as harvesting a certain number of animals or placing a specific number of decorations. Every ribbon you earn gives you a reward of coins and sometimes a bonus decoration.

Farmville Cash:

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