Facing Commitment Phobia Men - What You Should Do

Facing Commitment Phobia Men - What You Should Do

If you want one of the most frustrating things in a womans life then it is dating a man who appears to be against commitment. Many of us do not get into dating relationships just for the sake of it. We would love to develop stronger relationships that lead down the altar. Yet it is very easy to find yourself with a man who doesnt seem to even realize that he should make any more steps. However, so long as you believe that he is the one you should say I do to, do not give up. There are some steps that can help you bring back the sparkle in your love life.

Dont take it personally

When you realize that your commitment phobia man does not show any interest in committing to you, it is very easy to interpret this as a direct attack on your own person. However, there is really nothing wrong with you.

Taking it personally has a number of disadvantages. First of all, your self esteem can take quite a blow, making you feel unmotivated. Secondly, you may try to make him realize that he is wrong, which takes us to the next step.

Do not talk about the issue

In your attempt to prove your point, you are likely to keep talking about commitment. This will just make your situation more complicated. The more you try to impress him with the issue, the more he will resist your efforts. You will just succeed in creating more friction in your relationship.

You should therefore avoid raising the topic in your conversations if you want him to consider marriage seriously. A guy who is not yet prepared to commit will be well armed with excuses since he will expect to be confronted with the issue. Do the unexpected. Dont talk about the issue.

Dont usurp roles

Men are hunters by nature, and they enjoy going after us. However, when you act in a manner that leaves no doubt that you are after him, you will have taken his role, and he will lose interest.

Instead, give him the chance to come after you. This will spark his interest, thereby encouraging him towards commitment.

Make personal plans

Take a break from your thoughts of marriage and plan some of the things you can do on your own. This will help both of you. You wont have to spend time brooding about your relationship. You can go out with other girlfriends for a refreshing time. In the process, the man will have time to think about you as he misses your presence. He will sense that he can easily lose you, and will make more commitment to avoid such a possibility.

In a nutshell, if you want your commitment phobic men to make a commitment, use reverse psychology. Let him think of the issue as his own idea.

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