Did you know that February is International Expect Success Month? What a great time to focus attention on the power of your expectations to create a successful outcome. Expecting success at the beginning of any endeavor not only makes you feel more energized, inspired and ready to take action, but also helps you attract the people, tools and resources you need to be successful.

As we discussed last Tuesday during Power Lunch with Pat, my monthly teleconference where I share tips and ideas for success, your thoughts and attitude shape the outcomes you produce. The universal "law of attraction" is at work all the time drawing to you what you think about and expect.

According to Jack Canfield in his bestseller, "The Success Principles," when you begin to believe that what you want is possible, your brain will actually take over the job of accomplishing that possibility for you."

If you want good things to happen, expect success and work like there is no other option. When you set out expecting success, you subconsciously strive even more to achieve your goals and dreams.

Why not celebrate International Expect Success Month by expecting more success in your life? Here are my tips to help you succeed.

1. Think success from the start. Why would you set a goal or plan to do something thinking about the reasons you will not be successful? Focus your thoughts on all the reasons you will succeed and watch your doubts fade away.

2. Set yourself up for success. Surround yourself with the people, tools and resources that you need to be successful. If your environments do not support you in accomplishing your goals, change them now.

3. Get into action. If you feel stuck and unable to get moving, focus on your most important goal first. Write out three action steps to help you clarify what you need to do next. Decide that you will do at least one thing every day for your goal.

"Whether you think you can, or think you cant, youre right." Henry Ford

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