Excessive Head Sweating Is the Most Visible and Most Damaging Form Of Hyperhidrosis

Excessive Head Sweating Is the Most Visible and Most Damaging Form Of Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating is a problem which causes a lot of mental agony. People go to great lengths to hide the fact that they are sweating a lot. While this is not a solution in the strict sense of the word, people feel relieved that they are able to prevent others from detecting their problem.
However, if you are suffering from facial hyperhidrosis i.e. excessive head sweating, the problem assumes gigantic proportions. Not only does the sweating create many problems but the same cannot be concealed from others.

It is not possible to hide beads of sweat rolling down your face. It is not possible to hide a head that is completely drenched by sweat. It is not possible to conceal the smell of stale sweat coming out from your head.

The problem of facial hyperhidrosis requires immediate, effective and permanent solution. To solve this problem which exposes you to the ridicule of others, you ought to tackle the root cause. Do not focus on merely stopping or preventing the sweat. The excessive head sweating is the symptom of a deeper problem. Identify the problem and solve the same and you will find the problem of sweating automatically ceases.

Facial hyperhidrosis has physical as well as mental consequences. A remedy which merely stops the sweating but fails to restore your confidence will not work. Not only should you stop sweating but you should also be confident that the problem will not appear again. The fear of people pointing at the rivulets of sweat flowing down your face cannot be simply wished away.

Women face even more problems as excessive sweating makes it impossible to use make up. The women end up suffering from an inferiority complex as they feel they are not as beautiful as other women. The inability to use make up leads to additional problems for women.

What causes excessive head sweating? There is no clear answer to this question. Excessive sweating occurs due to a variety of factors like hormonal disorder, hereditary problems, genetic factors and immediate topical factors. Thyroid disorder leads to excessive facial sweating. If your parents or any other relative suffers from this problem, you too are at risk. Other factors like adolescence, stress, excitement etc too contribute to the outbreak of the problem.

The conventional treatments for excessive head sweating barely manage to cure the physical aspect of the problem and are completely ineffective in treating the mental aspects. If you opt for conventional remedies like
• Ointments and lotions
• Medical creams and antiperspirant sprays
• Medications and drugs
• Surgery

The issues related to excessive head sweating are complicated by the fact that there are many confusions and misconceptions attached to the disorder. It is believed that an overweight and obese person is at greater risk to the problem of excessive head sweating. This is not gospel truth as even slim and fit persons are at risk.

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