Evolv Water & Robert Dean JR

Evolv Water & Robert Dean JR

There is no difference between you me and Robert Dean Jr. He got tired of working a 9-5 and getting pennies for his valuable time. Robert Dean got involved with many different companies such as Lawn Service, Real Estate, and an Assortment of traditional Brick and Mortar type of businesses. Robert Dean Jr. was fairly profitable in everything he attempted which also included getting a good education and joining the marines; even after having all that Robert Dean was still missing one thing which was time freedom.He knew that all the money in the world would not get him time he had loss.

So in the mid 90s Robert found a business structure called Network Marketing. After years of struggle Robert decided that he could not sit on the side lines and be a cheerleader for anyone anymore. Robert wanted to make serious money and to do that he had to be a leader in MLM. He worked on himself and as he would say he did a check up from the neck up and became a serious player and leader in the Industry. Robert Dean reached a $10,000 mark fast but he still was missing something. So Robert Dean kept searching and he found an Industry which people were making a lot of money on a passive level which his other Network Marketing companies could not compare to for pay out.

The company started in 1996 this newly found Industry involved a super fruit called the Noni. This falls under the health and wellness Industry now approaching a trillion dollars per year. The Company he partnered with was Tahitian Noni International. Robert Dean took an opportunity that was relatively new in 2001 and ran with it breaking numerous records in Tahitian Noni International in just his first year. Robert Dean hit the highest position in TNI in record time. Not only that but has also helped to create 12 Millionaires in the company; Barry Byrd, Herschel Gibbs, Donna Allen, James Tucker and many more Tahitian Noni consultants. The millionaire makers team is called Top gun International. Top gun was also the fastest growing team in TNI and Top Gun has more people in it that has hit high company records in record time. Robert Dean, Barry Byrd and Herschel Gibbs also developed a magazine called Top Gun Success which features all the top members of the Top Gun Team. With all that said Mr. Dean decided to take some of his team members and leaders in 2009 to another company Monavie and in Less than 1 year he became Black Diamond with the company. Now into 2010 Mr. Dean has positioned himself with a new start up company Evolv (See my Evolv water review).

Mr. Robert Dean JR has said his mission is to create 500 millionaires. Is Robert Dean Jr a marketing rock start? Do you want to learn the secret of top producers like Robert Dean JR? Mr. Dean has learned the secrets of attraction Marketing. He is now the hunted and not the hunter! Companies chase him, position yourself with the number one attraction marketing system on the planet and become the Next Marketing Rock Star

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