Every Day Say This Prayer

Every Day Say This Prayer

Praying keeps you close to God. Every time you pray you will develop a sense of power. You will begin to believe that your life can change that things will be improved. You will be revitalized and you will develop faith and begin believing in the future and you will start your day with a surge of confidence and power. Every day say this prayer:

I love you Lord and I thank you for all of the blessing that you have brought into my life. I thank you for my children, for my home and for my wife. I pray that you charge all our angels to encamp around us every day to protect my children and wife and household as we go about our daily lives. I pray that you send angels to protect all of mankind and rid this country of its evil pestilence. I pray that you send angels to keep me in all my ways. I plead the blood of Jesus over me and my wife and my sons and daughters and over our finances and health and every area in our lives. I pray that you protect me and mine and that you give me strength to live a life worthy of respect. I lay my hands on my wife and children in belief that you will protect them in my absence and keep them safe until my return. I ask that you lead me during my day and allow me to work in peace and do a good job in all my endeavors. I pray that your help me provide for my family and help me present a good image to my sons and daughters and that I live honorably in their sight.

Prayer is the most powerful tool we have in life. Prayer is greater than any man made force on earth. It is greater than any devise man can devise. Prayer is the greatest force on this earth because it calls the all mighty God into your life and there is no greater force in the universe than God. Just make up in your mind to develop the habit of praying. You have developed thousands of other habits why not develop a habit of praying. You learned to smoke every day and you learned to drink every day.

Why not learn to pray every day? You have time. If you begin praying every day maybe you will learn that you do not have to rush through your life that God will take care of some of those things you fear. Since you know you cannot solve all of the problems in your life why not give them to God to solve and you go out and live your day. Praying will give you a sense of control over your life. Faith comes with praying. Belief in the future comes with praying. When you pray your spirit will be at peace. The noise in your head will subside. You will begin to believe that things will change that things will get better.

After you have prayed you will begin to say to yourself ok I have told God everything that I need now it is up to him to help. When these thoughts come into your mind fear and worry leaves. Prayer brings health into your life. When you worry that is negative energy that acts on your body to produce ulcers, hair loss, nail biting or angry responses. But if you pray you will begin to develop a habit of being at peace because you know you have told God everything that you need and you have put it in His hands to do. Do not worry if you stumble as you pray.

God is not interested in big words and a lot of pom and a lot of hallelujahs. You want to pray and open the doors of your heart so when He does talk to you you will hear Him and allow Him to lead you in your daily life. Make no mistake about it God does talk to people. He will speak to your spirit and tell you dont go on that trip today, or dont drive that way home today or go to the grocery store later. All of these spirit speakings are warnings. You may not see the danger but these spirit speakings are times when God is talking to you and warning you of disasters that are ahead.

When you pray you clear your line of communication with God because you no longer have a lot of random thoughts running through your mind because of worry and anxiety over the circumstances of your life. You will begin to tell yourself ok I have prayed, I have talked to the Lord now it is time for Him to act. Your mind will no longer be cluttered you will begin to see life differently. Saying this prayer will hold you together during the day. If you begin to feel fear or weaken while at work go into the bathroom and bow your head and say this prayer it will strengthen you and quieten your self doubt and bring your anxiety level down. Remember you are men. God has given you dominion over the earth stand up and be at peace in the belief that you are living a Christian life and that you are leading your family into righteousness by your example.

Do not forget to put your hands on your children, your wife and your home before you leave for work each day. Lay hands on them every day before leaving for work. Even if they are sleeping walk into the bedroom and put your hands on them confess your love for them and ask God to protect them throughout the day. Then get up and leave your house assured that you have done all that you could for your family that day.

Do not sit in your home or car worrying and cringing in fear Pray then Stand Up and live your life as the man and woman God made you!

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