EFT Tapping Points
EFT Tapping Points

EFT Tapping Points

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is much more than a collection of particular tapping points; it is a self-administered method of energy psychology that to reduce a wide variety of emotional stresses.

The ability of EFT to favorably influence stressful emotions resides primarily in the ability to locate and remain focused on the correct issue that generates the greatest emotional stress, all while doing the standard Emotional Freedom Technique procedure. If a person is unable to determine the best and most stressful issue on which apply EFT, it is still helpful to create an accurate EFT set-up statement about the stressful issue and remain focused on it. Without the ability to isolate and hold onto the thought of an important stressful issue, using the EFT tapping points will not offer the kind of relief from negative emotions that results from clearly focused can offer.

This does not mean EFT tapping points are unimportant? While the actual EFT tapping points are important, the act of physically tapping during an Emotional Freedom Technique session is not nearly as important as selecting the correct issue to address, and how to compose the set-up statement about that issue. For greatest success it is important to invest time and effort to collect, prepare and mentally lock onto the memory or feeling that developed when your energy system became disrupted so long ago.

General EFT tapping point information

Some quick information about EFT tapping points in general:
1. Use several fingers to tap on each point, so you do not miss anything. Like using a big hammer, you will not miss the target.
2. Tap gently but firmly, fast enough that you tap maybe 5-7 times in 1-2 seconds.
3. Most EFT tapping points are bilateral, meaning they are found on both the right and left side of the body. It is not necessary to tap on both sides; tap on whatever side feels comfortable. You can tap on the left side only, on the right side only, switch between right and left, or you can even tap on both sides at the same time. It doesnt make much difference, just tap on at least one of each tapping points.
4. Tap with the tips of fingers, not the fleshy pads.
5. Tap firmly, but never so much to hurt yourself.
6. With the exception of the top of the collarbone and under the arm points, I suggest using 2-3 fingers at each tapping point.
7. Remove your eyeglasses, watch and other jewelry that might interfere with reaching the EFT tapping points.
Either of two EFT tapping points used during the Set-Up Statement

There are two points you can "tap on" while repeating the EFT set-up statement. One is called the Karate Chop (KC) point. It is located at the outer edge of the hand just below the knuckle of the little finger. Not on the side of the knuckle, but below it.
The alternate point to use while repeating the set-up statement is called the Sore Spot; it is not at all a small point like the others, but more like an area covering a 2-3 inch circle. It is well known as a neurolymphatic drainage area that removes toxins from all the tissues above it. The Sore Spot is located on the upper and outer part of the chest, over the pectoral muscle, below the outer part of the collarbone, before you reach the head of the arm bone at the shoulder joint.

Seven EFT tapping points used with the Reminder Phrase

Next we will describe the location of the seven EFT tapping points used during the Reminder Phrase portion of an EFT round. These are all located either on the face or truck - five on the face and two on the trunk.

1. EYE BROW (EB) - The highest one, located at the beginning of the eyebrow, near the center of the face and near the nose. Use 2-3 fingers on either one of the two eyebrow points.
2. SIDE of EYE (SE) - Located near the outer end of the eyebrow, on the bone at the side of the eye. It is not close to the eye, and it is not on the temple. It is very near the end of the eyebrow. Use 2-3 fingers to tap here.
3. UNDER the EYE (UE) - Found under the eye in line with the pupil, very near the boney ridge of the eye socket. Again, you can use 2-3 fingers to tap on either of these two points.
4. UNDER the NOSE (UN) - Locate above the mouth, about half way between the nose and the upper lip. As you can see, there is only one. Once again, use 2-3 fingers to tap here.
5. CHIN (CH) - Right below and in line with the Under the Nose point, located below the mouth, mid-way between the lower lip and the chin, in a little indentation. Again, only one chin point. Use 2-3 fingers to tap on it.
6. COLLARBONE (CB) - Located just a little bit to the side of where a mans tie would be knotted, or about an inch down from the collarbone and a little away from the breastbone, in a meaty little pocket of tissue. You can use 3-4 fingers to tap on this point.
7. UNDER the ARM (UA) - The last point is found about half way between the top of the arm pit and the lower ribs, in the midline of the lateral chest. It is also about at the level of a womans bra strap, at the most lateral part of the chest. You can use 3-4 fingers to tap on this point.

These are the EFT tapping points used in energy psychology. By themselves, they are simply areas on the body that are used to deliver acupuncture therapy; when combined with the proper concepts and phraseology during an EFT session, they can help change your life.

Dr. Theodore Herazy is a prolific writer on a wide variety of Alternative Medicine topics; he has authored hundreds of articles and two books in the area of mens health and nutrition. He primarily has used EFT on a daily basis to treat his patients for the last 10 years, and is considered an expert in the field of energy psychology. Visit http://www.EFTbyTelephone.com for additional information on many EFT topics and information about doing EFT by phone.