Does Car Color Matter?

Does Car Color Matter?

What kind of car you drive can say a lot about the person driving it and their personality. Does the color of the car also affect how people or police officers may or may not perceive you? There are myths that red colored cars tend to get pulled over more often for speeding. Is this myth actually a reality? Does the color of your car really matter? Are certain colors better for warm or cold climates? Here are some examples of car color and what people say about it.

According to some studies, the red car myth is false. A lot of people believe that red colored cars are usually pulled over for speeding because the bright color attracts the notice of police officers and is an attention grabber. Studies have shown that speeding red cars get pulled over just as often as other colored speeding cars or trucks. However, most sports cars have a higher chance of being caught for speeding than a truck or SUV.

A study published in the *British Medical Journal from December of 2003 reports that car color can matter when it comes to car accidents. Certain color cars are more prone to being in accidents. Brown, green, and black cars have higher chances of being involved in an automobile accident. If you want to be safe and not sorry you should drive either silver or a white car. Silver cars were reported as the safest color. They believe this to be true because colors that are lighter in color are more visible on the road.

If you live in an area that is hot with high temperatures, it is better to drive a lighter color car or truck. Darker colors heat up faster than lighter colors. This is also true with the interior of the car. The sun can also fade the color of your vehicle. You may notice that people who live where it is hot most of the time drive white cars with a light interior. This is not true for all people though. Even if you drive a blue car in a hot climate it will still heat up.

The color of your vehicle can also say something about your personality. This is not true in all cases however. Some people choose a certain color for practical reasons or maybe they will choose blue if it is their favorite color. Here are some rare colors for cars and what it could mean about your personality. If you drive an orange vehicle it can mean that you like to be the center of attention and that you seek attention. Pink is also not common and could mean that you like to comfort people and also need comfort in your life.

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