Developing Your Photographic Eye

Developing Your Photographic Eye

One of the most important things that any amateur photographer needs to understand is how to develop his eye.

The photographers eye is probably his greatest asset, and if you are new to photography it should be one of the first things you learn to understand. Photographers are not born with a creative eye; your eye will develop within time, and in some cases it takes a great deal of time.

Time will vary among different individuals. It will all depend on the persons determination to become a great photographer, on the training, and how you apply your training.

Photographers should be trained to see things differently, and should be always on the lookout for objects and scenes that will look good on print. Training, colleges and photography tutors will only teach you so much; most of the creativity you develop will be due to your hard work and awareness of what is around you. But, regardless of this - there are always ways to develop your eye at a faster pace.

One method of making your eye more apt for photography is true constant visual inspection of other photographers images. By browsing through magazines, websites and published work, you can see how photographers apply the tricks of the trade.

When viewing a photographers images study how he composed his shot. Also study how he used the elements of light and composition together. Study the shadows in each image to see where he placed his studio lights. If some of his images were taken outdoors shadows will still appear. Understanding light and composition is key to good imagery.

Another method is when you take images, compare them to images taken by well-known professionals. You need to be your own hardest critic. Do not be afraid to return to a scene and retake your shots. This will only make you better.

Buying photography magazines that are marketed for the amateur photographer will also be valuable. Some magazines will let you submit your shots for comment. Dont be afraid to do this. This is where you will get honest criticism about your photography.

If you are an amateur and just want to improve your family shots, or if your goal is to become a professional, your creative eye is so important. In spite of the camera you use and this applies to video photography too, constantly viewing images and taking photographs will lead to your eye becoming sharper.

TJ Tierney is an award winning photographer and a freelance writer. To find out more information visit his free photography and digital photography site. His site also contains a free photography competition.