Cute Dog Names: Unique Chihuahua Names For The Little Guy

Cute Dog Names: Unique Chihuahua Names For The Little Guy

Owning a Chihuahua can be quite an adventure, as Im sure most owners of this breed can attest to.

On one hand youve got this cute little dog that everyone wants to hold and pet. On the other hand, if youre a stranger, youll be lucky to have four fingers left when you try, because it might just bite one off. This is because of the Chihuahuas extreme loyalty to those hes familiar with, and his not appreciating what he feels might be an infringement of his territory.

Chihuahuas can also be an adventure to own simply by virtue of their attitudes. Hang around one for any length of time and youll notice that this little dog doesnt seem to know that its little! Because of this, theyre often referred to as the little dog, with the big dog attitude. They can be aggressive toward other pets, and can bark up a storm over the littlest thing, which in most cases is bigger than the actual dog itself.

Even though the above mentioned characteristics can be interesting to say the least, more endearing qualities are those of the Chihuahuas extreme loyalty to those hes familiar with. Also, this puppy has a high energy level and spunk, that can brighten anyones day.

Because of these diverse qualities, naming this pooch can prove a bit of a challenge. Should you choose any dog name? Or look for Chihuahua Names that best reflect its small size, or even its humorous big dog attitude?

Since we felt this unique pooch deserves a unique name, weve come up with some Chihuahua dog name suggestions that cover both its small size and its big attitude. Heres some ideas from our dog names website ...

Dog Names That Sound Small...
Bambi, Bonbon, Bugsy, Butterball, Button, Cuddles, Doodle, Gumball, Junior, Kewpie, Laptop, Munchkin, Nibbles, Nipper, Peanut, Peewee, Puddles, Putt-Putt, Squeaky, Squirt, Tinkerbell

Dog Names That Sound Big...
Attila, Big Shot, Boomer, Bruno, Bunyan, Butkus, Capone, Genghis, Grizzly, Hercules, Hulk, Jaws, Kahuna, Kong, Manley, Moose, Muscles, Rambo, Samson, Sarge, Stallion, Sumo, Terminator, Ulysses, Wookie, Yukon, Zeus

In closing, its important to remember that when looking for cute dog names, Chihuahua or otherwise, not to give him a name that might cause him to be mocked or made fun of. When searching for a unique male or female Chihuahua name, these names were suggested hoping to get your creative juices flowing, and start you off on the right paw.

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