Custom Aluminum Sign Printing Options
Custom Aluminum Sign Printing Options

Custom Aluminum Sign Printing Options

When you think of custom sign printing, perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind will be custom aluminum signs. They are durable, have a long life, unique, and are suitable for any type of business. Custom aluminum signs can be used in any event, promotion or purpose. Custom sign printing in aluminum offers the greatest possibilities in manufacturing. Each customer can suit the aluminum custom signs to reflect their image and ideas.

How is custom sign printing in aluminum carried out?
Custom sign printing in aluminum is done in many ways. This article will focus on three main methods that are popularly used in custom sign printing in the market.

1. Cut vinyl - Traditionally, custom sign printing in aluminum was performed with precision cut vinyl lettering that was weeded, masked and applied to the aluminum. Some custom sign printing companies still depend on this method to make aluminum signs.

If intermediate vinyl is used in custom sign printing, the signs will last for 3-5 years, and if high performance vinyl is used, the life will be 7-10 years. The process involved in this type of custom sign printing is very time consuming; however, it is also the most long lasting method in the market. There is also a drawback for this method. Since the design is made from individually cut letters, it may be tampered with or the letters may be removed. Similarly, cut vinyl does not offer scope for using gradients, fades, custom colors, etc.

2. Digitally Printed Vinyl - This is the present day rage in custom sign printing. Most of the sign printing companies use digital printing. Using all vinyl for custom aluminum signs economical and takes less time than cut vinyl. Though digital printed vinyl lasts only for 3-5 years, manufacturers use various laminates to extend its life to 7-10 or more years, and they do not fade also. The usually used laminates are Dry Erase, Graffiti Proof, and standard laminate. Custom sign printing with digital printed vinyl is more consistent. Human errors are the minimum in this process.

Digital custom sign printing provide more possibilities in designs. You can get fades, gradients, custom pantone color matches, etc. with this type of sign printing.

3. Direct print - Aluminum signs are printed directly to the substrate. This can be done two different ways: screen printing and flat bed printing.

• With screen printing, you can get custom aluminum signs that have high durability, crisp edged printing, and excellent clarity. Custom sign printing that needs to be done in large quantities depend on this method. If your custom sign printing projects require spot coloring, this method is perfect. However, you cannot do gradients or custom fades. It only allows printing in half tomes which most of the customers do not like. Likewise, it is more costly when custom sign printing in aluminum requires full bleed printing. You also cannot get exact colors by mixing and matching custom pantone colors.

• Flat bed printing - It is the most cost effective custom aluminum sign printing method. The turnaround time is faster. It is also a very flexible printing method next to digital sing printing. It is durable, has more printing options, has more customization methods, and you can use full color printing, fades, gradients, custom colors, etc.

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