Crappie fishing at night: Needed Tips

Crappie fishing at night: Needed Tips

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Crappie fishing at night can be very rewarding if you have the proper underwater fishing lights.Underwater fishing technology has been around for a few years, and anybody who goes night fishing for crappie on a regular basis understands the importance of these lights.The primary reason for underwater fishing lights is to attract bait fish,because as we all know bait fish attract the crappie at night. You will increase your catch 10 fold by using these lights so you can have a very productive night fishing for crappie outing.

You will catch more crappie at night when its really hot outside.Crappie are cold blooded fish and the teperature of the water regulates their body heat. This means that they dont have an internal cooling system like we do. They will be easier to catch when things cool down at night when there is more oxygen in the water.

My next recommendation may cause you a bit of discomfort. Purchase at least two incandescent lights that have a clip or clamp attached (to clamp on the side of the boat) and have some type of shade that will project the light. The light and the heat will attract thousands of bugs, and you guessed it bait fish! Make sure you bring plenty of insect repellent you will need it. When you are looking in the water near where you underwater light is submerged you will see small bait fish concentrating in one area around the light, this is what is called the bait ball. Fish the area outside of the "bait ball" where there is less competition for your bait. If live minnows dont work use a jig, it will stand out.

After you have set up your two incandescent lights,submerge your underwater fishing light source directly below where the two incandescents have the most illumination on the surface of the water. You will still need to do your research about being at the right place to catch your limit of crappie, but if you ad a underwater light source you will increase your crappie catch dramatically.

Crappie have a distinct advantage over the bait fish at night because of their keen color vision at night. Most bait fish cannot detect color at night and do not move or react as quickly as the crappie or other game fish can at night. The crappie can wait patiently and attack the bait fish and feed at will because the bait fish cannot react quicly enough the escape from the crappie. It has been known for sometime that fish , shrimp, and insects are attracted to light at night , but you probably are asking yourself what color is best at night? The answer to this question is the color blue or green because they attract both insects and the crappie.

Incandescent lights can be purchased for under 50$ The best lights will have a clip to mount the lights and the end of the wires will need to have banana clips to mount to a battery. The best place to buy them online is Cabellas.

Now if you are going to purchase a crappie night fishing underwater fishing light do some research,the lowest price is not always the best. Well That raps up my article GOOD LUCK ! and good fishing!

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