Comparing RVs and Conversion Van Campers or RV Van Conversion
Comparing RVs and Conversion Van Campers or RV Van Conversion

Comparing RVs and Conversion Van Campers or RV Van Conversion

Wouldnt it be cool if you have a vehicle where you can sleep in it comfortably, make it your second home, and go anywhere without the worry of how much you spend on motels? You might be thinking of RVs and you might be saying that you cant afford it. But what are really referred here are commercial vans or panel trucks that can be simply converted. They are commonly called RV van conversions.

The RV van conversions are vans that can be converted to motor home vehicles because they have customized spaces wherein you can put items for eating and sleeping. Because they have bigger spaces than regular vans, you can even put up a bathroom facility. You can also put some cupboards and cabinets, making it your second home. Plainly though, they are not like RVs, which are readily designed as motor homes. The RV van conversions are smaller and can be customized according to your preferences. However, they may not be as convenient as RVs but they are ready to make with various designs for more convenient travels. RV van conversions can also be referred to as conversion van campers because thats what they are. They can be a vehicle for campers with homey provision for long travels, road adventures, and even vacations.

Are Conversion Van Camper Different from RVs?

Generally, conversion van campers are one classification of recreational vehicles or RVs. They are under the Class B motor home classification. They are originally designed as vans. However, they have provision for conversion to RV such as raised roof or more low-profile body at the back. Because it is a conversion, owners have the choice to use it as a plain van for carpool or develop it into a motor home. The raised roof can be built for stand-up height and the back can be placed with couches, cupboard, or whatever the owner thinks best to make the van look homey. The conversion van campers are basically narrower and smaller with sizes ranging from 15 to 22 feet. Because they are smaller, they are easy to drive than a typical RV.

Recreational vehicles per se are readily designed as motor home. The interiors take the form of a home with dining area, sleeping area, and bathroom. They do not necessarily have to be converted. RVs are usually big, and they are actually designed for "home on the road."

The similarities of the RV van conversion and RV homes are that they can be used as travel homes. Families who travel often can just look for a parking space and spend the night in the vehicle. With the provisions of the motor home, everything they need in a home can be placed in the vehicle. So families can actually travel from one place to another with the convenience of the home in their vehicle.

RV van conversion or conversion van campers are available in different models, forms, and make. What you surely get is a van that can be converted in a home. Now indeed, isnt it cool? You dont have to buy a typical RV to get the "home in the road" experience. You just have to get conversion van campers.

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