This is a general case when you get simply irritated when the spyware software intrudes into your computer and spoils s a lot of functions. The ComboFix is known to be a genuine spyware remover. Initially this software was created to keep away the infections created by Look2Me, QooLogic and SurfSideKick, apart from those by the different type or combination of spyware functions. This application has got an inbuilt engine.

This eliminates the "Vundo infections". This is a trustable application and can prove to very useful by keeping your computer safe from the spyware. There are other usages as well. This ComboFix can unhook the files with .dll extension that can be found in the 32 folders of Windows operating system.

The spyware often takes shelter within these folders and with the help of ComboFix you can remove them manually. So in a nutshell ComboFix can be described as the most efficient spyware eliminating tool that works faster than the general ones.

Merits and demerits of ComboFix

ComboFix contains some predetermined commands that help the users to delete around 8 infected files at the same time. The integrated engine of this application is powerful enough to clean up all the files including the hidden files or the locked ones unlike the other tools that let you delete the infected files only.

Though this is considered to be an effective application there are certain limitations as well. First of all this function was introduced to delete a particular type of function which is the reason for its incapability to eliminate the other viruses which are equally harmful for a computer.

Secondly if you wish to have continuous functionality then you will require updating them on a regular basis. If your computer contains a root kit then the usage of ComboFix is not advisable for you. The reason is that ComboFix might end up deleting some of the important files from your system with an instruction from the root kit.

If you have decided to use ComboFix then there are certain precautions that you need to take. If you have a previous history of virus infection or currently facing this sort of a problem then make sure that this is solely because of spyware. In case this is not something related to spyware you will have to stop ComboFix from working as this can lead to the deletion of some important files which are very important for your system to run smoothly.

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