Choosing the Mermaid Dress for Your Prom

Choosing the Mermaid Dress for Your Prom

The most important high school event for girls is the prom. This is the largest and most exciting dance that she will go to during high school and she will want to look beautiful. The dress she wears is of utmost concern, more than the corsage, even more than her date. The mermaid prom dress is the type of dress that is most popular for girls selecting a dress for their high school prom.

Mermaid prom dresses are unique in form. The dress clings to the torso from the chest down to mid calf or the knees. The mermaid dress flares near the bottom of the dress like a mermaid tail, which is why it is named that way.

The mermaid prom dress can be varied to suit the girls tastes. A light fabric, such as silk or satin, is usually used to make the dress have a looser-fitting look, making the dress cling to the most extreme contours of the person. Stiffer materials give the dress a sexy appearance, clinging to every curve and showing off the dramatic shape of the dress and consequently the girls figure.

The total appearance of the mermaid prom dress changes dramatically with just a few alterations to the hem and flair. The flare out can be designed to be in several different places -- either above the knee, at the knee, or below the knee -- each giving a different effect. The dress bottom can go from the classic all around flair to a behind only or front only style.

Due to the clinging style, not just anyone can wear the mermaid prom dress. It is designed to accentuate the curves of the body. This dress looks its best on girls who have a slender, athletic build -- which presents a classy look. It also looks terrific on girls with a thin waist, but who have specific contours they want to showcase. Girls with fuller figures are not advised to wear this dress, since it may accent areas that a girl would prefer not to highlight. The mermaid prom dress is not a good choice for girls who do not like to show off their figure, since this dress is tight-fitting, and accents a girls curves.

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