Chlorine-Free Pool Chemicals - Healthy Water Treatment Options For Pool Owners

Chlorine-Free Pool Chemicals - Healthy Water Treatment Options For Pool Owners

Many people avoid swimming and swimming pools because of the fact that they are allergic to chlorine or simply dont like the smell and taste of chlorine or the effects that the chemical can have on people and pool equipment. However, it is possible to eliminate or significantly reduce the use of chlorine in pools while still keeping the water clean and safe for swimming. Although chlorine has dominated the pool sanitizer market for decades and continues to do so, there are a number of different chlorine free pool options and reduced chlorine pool options available. By using any one of these alternatives, you can experience the joys of swimming without the downfalls associated with chlorine use.

Chlorine also has a strong chemical odour and taste which many swimmers find unpleasant. Other disadvantages of using chlorine as a pool sanitizer include the fact that it can fade swimsuits, bleach pool liners and have a detrimental effect on pool equipment by causing corrosion. Finally, chlorine is harmful to the environment and dissipates quite rapidly, and thus requires constant testing and adjustments to keep the chemical levels in the proper range. Understandably, some pool owners find that using chlorine as a pool sanitizer is time-consuming and far from ideal.

On the other hand, by using products that will allow you to greatly reduce the amount of chlorine in your pool or that will even allow you to have a completely chlorine free swimming pool, you can avoid many or all of the above problems. Some of the most popular benefits of chlorine free pool chemicals are that they are far gentler on skin and eyes, they have no odour or taste, they cause far less damage to pool liners and equipment and they are more environmentally friendly.

One of the many alternative pool sanitization options available today involves the use of chlorine free pool chemicals which employ natural enzymes to clean pool water. Enzymes promote the breakdown of organic compounds and materials into their basic components so they can be absorbed more easily by the water. As a result, these products are particularly effective at removing oils and scum from the pool water and the filtration system. These enzyme-based chlorine free pool chemicals also help to eliminate unsightly stains and are completely biodegradable. However, its important to keep in mind that the use of these chemicals still requires the use of chlorine or another sanitizer to eradicate bacteria, although they greatly reduce the amount of chlorine that is needed.

Ionizers and mineral purifiers are also great options for pool owners interested in chlorine free pool options. By using a small current of electricity that passes between electrodes, ionizers released silver and copper ions into the swimming pool water. When these metallic ions are present in the water, bacteria and algae are unable to survive. Yet, the ions are perfectly safe for swimmers and do not cause irritation or bleaching. While pools that use an ionizer may still require a small amount of chlorine or at least occasional chlorine shock treatments, ionizers significantly reduce chlorine usage and can take your pool very close to being a chlorine free swimming pool.

Similarly, mineral purifiers allow swimmers to enjoy almost completely chlorine free pools by releasing copper and silver into the pool water, killing bacteria and algae. Mineral purifiers can typically be incorporated directly into your swimming pools plumbing system and use easily replaceable cartridges which generally last for about one year. While mineral purifiers almost eliminate the need for chlorine, copper and silver cannot oxidize and remove dead contaminants. As a result, a very small amount of chlorine and occasional chlorine shock treatments will still be necessary.

Although the small amounts of chlorine that must be used in conjunction with the above options can provide significant relief even for swimmers with pronounced chlorine allergies, some people may still want an absolutely chlorine free swimming pool. In such cases, probably the best solution lies with biguanide sanitizers. The active ingredient of these sanitizers is poly hexamethyl biguanide (PHMB), which has practically no effect on swimmers. Biguanides are effective at killing bacteria and leaving water soft and clean. However, to completely remove harmful organic contaminants, biguanides will typically need to be used in conjunction with a concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution that will shock and oxidize the pool water.

No matter which one of the above alternatives you choose to use for your swimming pool, you will enjoy the many benefits that come with using chlorine free pool chemicals. Whether you are allergic to chlorine or simply want a gentler, odourless and environmentally friendly way to keep your pool clean, chlorine free pool options present a number of excellent alternatives for you to choose from.

Michael Peterson is an experienced specialist in pool supplies and products. He explains how to keep water in swimming pool clean and sanitary by using chlorine free pool chemicals. Learn how alternative swimming pool sanitizers could be used on a regular basis for pool maintenance.