Check Car Mileage on your own

Check Car Mileage on your own

Now it is official. You can easily check a car models mileage in few seconds. Society of Indian Auto Manufacturers or (SIAM) officially released the mileage list for all the car models in India. So whatever says the dealer or anyone else, you just check it yourself. In the car models Tata Nano is on the top of the list as it gives 23.6 kmpl, while Mercedes C-class diesel C220 CDI at the bottom of if with 9.9 kmpl.

Go through the list:

Tata Nano --- 23.6 kmpl
Fiat 500 --- 22 kmpl
Maruti A-star --- 19.6 kmpl
Maruti 800 --- 16.1 kmpl
Maruti Alto --- 18.1 kmpl
Maruti Omni --- 16.9 kmpl
Hyundai Verna diesel --- 21.9 kmpl
Maruti Swift Dzire --- 15.9 kmpl
Chevrolet Tavera Petrol --- 13.3 kmpl
Honda Civic --- 15.5 kmpl
Honda CRV --- 13.2 kmpl
Skoda Octavia diesel --- 21.39 kmpl
Hyundai Sonata --- 13.54 kmpl
Skoda Superb --- 13.54 kmpl
Toyota Camry --- 13.54 kmpl
Hyundai Tucson ---- 14 kmpl
Mercedes C-class diesel C220 CDI --- 13.9 kmpl
BMW 3 series diesel --- 15.9 kmpl
Mercedes S350 L petrol --- 9.9 kmpl
BMW X3 --- 14 kmpl
Tata Ace Magic diesel --- 21.5 kmpl

Experts says that sometimes the mileage figure are told three or four fold higher. Interestingly, customer buys the vehicle without cross checking the promised mileage. At last customer is bewitched. Mohit Arora senior director of Singapore-based JD Power and Associates explained that some studies carried by them disclose that a number of times customers are promised more mileage than the manufacturer mentions. Now after the release of the official list, no need to rely on others, check it before on road driving. is the destination where one can purchase every type of new cars in india, used cars in india. Know more about the upcoming cars like Tata Nano, Maruti Ritz & many more at