Celebrity Plastic Surgery Nightmares - Worst if the Worst
Celebrity Plastic Surgery Nightmares - Worst if the Worst

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Nightmares - Worst if the Worst

Plastic surgery is very popular among celebrities. Theres a lot of pressure to look perfect when youre constantly in the spotlight, and many celebrities turn to cosmetic surgery as a way to "fix" their perceived flaws. However, they dont all get what they were looking for.

Take Michael Jackson, for example. He was once an attractive, dark-skinned guy, and successful music artist. He was wildly popular among the public, and most young girls found him desirable. For some reason, Michael was not happy with his appearance, and looked to plastic surgery to provide him with a more attractive face. His nose job went terribly wrong, and he was forced to have subsequent surgeries to try and correct the issue. Now, Mr. Jackson has no remaining cartilage in his nose, and is left looking quite freakish.

Another shining example of celebrity plastic surgery gone awry is Tara Reid. This talented actress was once a beautiful starlet with an amazing body. She, however, was not satisfied with her appearance. She opted for breast implants, as well as liposuction from her abdomen and buttocks. The surgeries turned out terribly, and her skin now has the wrinkled and puckered appearance of a much older woman.

Hillary Duff. A promising young actress... beautiful and successful. Ms. Duff was not satisfied with her teeth, and decided to get a set of porcelain veneers. Her goal of making herself more attractive failed miserably, as she now resembles a horse. There are many such examples.

What can a person learn from these celebrities? The importance of choosing a plastic surgeon carefully. Cosmetic surgery is not an area where budget should be your main concern. Most plastic surgery is irreversible. Its absolutely essential that proper consideration is given to the surgeons experience and specific area of expertise. If celebrities dont learn to choose wisely in regards to plastic surgery, the world will end up with a cast that resembles space creatures.

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