Car Hire Facility for the Disabled People
Car Hire Facility for the Disabled People

Car Hire Facility for the Disabled People

Most of you might have a question in your mind that "Can the disabled opt for a car hire?" Well! The answer is definitely yes. A number of car rental companies have been established which allow the disabled people to hire a car for their needs. My article would be an eye-opener for the people who think that the disabled cannot opt for a car hire.

The persons with disabilities are able to rent a car even if they dont possess a driving license. There are different car rental companies which allow the people with disabilities to hire their favourite car. These people are provided with some special equipments that can make them comfortable while driving the car. The disabled persons are also provided with a driver if they dont wish to drive the hired car on their own. Appointed driver is also required to meet certain criterias like the appropriate age for driving and the driving license that too a legal one. The special equipments provided by the car hire companies include the following:-
1. Hand-control equipped vehicles- These can be ordered beforehand. The car hire companies require minimum 48 hours notice to guarantee a rental with hand-control equipment.
2. Panoramic Mirror- It provides a larger view to the disabled person who is driving the car.
3. Swivel Seat- It allows the driver to turn his body with minimum effort and can also be removed from underneath the person for transport.
4. Transfer Board- This equipments makes it easy for the disabled person to transfer from the wheel chair into and out of the vehicle.
The car hire for the disabled people is looked into as an essential aspect because it is important to ensure that the disabled people are not made to feel as being the unfortunate ones in the world. There are car rental companies which are entirely dedicated towards providing cars to the people with disabilities.

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