Can Laser Cryptolysis Resolve Your current Undesirable Breath Situation?
Can Laser Cryptolysis Resolve Your current Undesirable Breath Situation?

Can Laser Cryptolysis Resolve Your current Undesirable Breath Situation?

Laser cryptolysis has acquired the attention of the public of late as a easy, yet effective therapy for halitosis. Halitosis can be a indication to many diseases both localized, in the oral cavity, and systemic. So, who can benefit from cryptolysis ?

Halitosis, or bad breath, is brought on by many conditions. Occasionally, halitosis is the manifestation of a systemic ailment such as liver disease, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal diseases and inborn errors of metabolism. However, generally the cause of halitosis generates within the mouth itself. Dental, periodontal, oral, sinonasal and throat complications are amongst general factors behind halitosis. Chronic fetid tonsillitis is a rather standard reason for halitosis and is particularly best treated with laser cryptolysis.

The tonsils are characterized by deep crypts that are pocket invaginations within the mucosal surface of the tonsils. In patients with chronic fetid tonsillitis, food particles get entrapped within the tonsillar crypts and invite bacteria which favor lower oxygen growth conditions. If sulfur making bacteria infect the tonsillar crypts, they start decomposing the food particles and generate the uncomfortable smell that results in halitosis. Laser cryptolysis activly works to eliminate the crypts that harbor these sulfur generating bacteria; thus, removing foul breath problems for good.

So, how can a physician determine that a individual would reap the benefits of a laser cryptolysis therapy session? Firstly, the doctor must rule out acute inflamation related conditions of the mouth, nose and pharynx which can lead to temporary symptoms of bad breath. Secondly, clinical examination is completed to make sure there are no dental, periodontal, oral, sinonasal, gastrointestinal or other reasons for halitosis. On the other hand, it is vital to specifically figure out if persistent fetid tonsillitis is the specific cause for the patients bad breath. This can be achieved by performing a straightforward test; Finkelsteins tonsils smelling test. The doctor rubs the tonsils and smells the squeezed discharge to ascertain if the tonsils are the cause for the patients problem.

Recent research has shown that laser cryptolysis can completely cure 96% of patients with halitosis that is due to chronic fetid tonsillitis. Using local anesthesia, the doctor uses CO2 laser beam to destroy the crypts of the tonsils which are the major cause of halitosis. Laser cryptolysis is also beneficial for sufferers who suffer from tonsillar stones.

Cryptolysis is a flourishing remedy line for individuals who suffer from halitosis that is triggered by chronic fetid tonsillitis. Careful evaluation of each case is essential to figure out if laser cryptolysis is the appropriate therapy selection.