Blue Screen of Windows XP and Data Recovery

Blue Screen of Windows XP and Data Recovery

Have you ever faced the blue screen error popped up? Blue screen is an error screen displayed by Microsoft Windows XP after encountering a critical system error. In this situation, the computer screen freezes and only way to get pass this screen is to restart your system by pressing the reset button. This error is generally caused by three things:

A Corrupt Registry:

The registry contains detailed information regarding what in inside your computer. It has information about programs, printer, drivers, external cards, games and network routers. Everything is stored in the registry. If the registry gets corrupted due to virus attack or the user has deleted any registry entry in registry editor, then it may cause the blue screen of windows XP.

Faulty RAM:

if your computer system goes into the Blue Screen mode while booting up, that is when its accessing data from RAM (Random Access Memory) and the Registry, then it caused by the faulty RAM. Most of the modern computers come with 512MB or 1GB RAM. The more RAM we have, the operating speed will be fast and waiting time will decrease. But in case of faulty RAM, when CPU calls instruction from it, the Blue Screen on Windows XP appears.

Corrupted OS:

The blue screen problem may also occur when your operating system get corrupted. Any system file corruption or deletion may cause this error.

You can resolve the blue screen problem by using registry cleaner tool and checking the corrupted registry and fix them. If it works, then its great. But if it doesnt work then you should check whether you RAM is connected properly or not. If not then reset it. In case, when both of these options dont work, then the error is occurred due to the operating system corruption and you need to reinstall it.

Whatever the reason, the blue screen error lead to improper shutdown and may cause data loss. Data loss in this error may also occur due to registry deletion or system reformatting in order to reinstall the operating system. This is the worst scenario of data loss. Sometimes it may lead to completely formatted drive. In this way, you may loss you critical data due to blue screen problem. In these circumstances, to recover your lost data, you need for data recovery software.

Data Recovery software are the software programs that are designed for helping the user in recovering and restoring the lost data. The data recovery software can recover data in most of the cases no matter what is the reason of data loss. These software use sophisticated algorithms to search the lost data and can save them to their original location or user specified location.