Best Catchy Slogans & Taglines For Small Business No Matter What Service Or Product You Offer

Best Catchy Slogans & Taglines For Small Business No Matter What Service Or Product You Offer

Due to the downturn in the economy, businesses in virtually every category are more competitive than ever. With many cash strapped businesses unable or unwilling to spend money on high profile marketing, nearly everyone is making sure they have their most basic branding elements in good shape. These elements include the logo and the "verbal logo" otherwise known as the slogan. So how do you get the best ad slogan or campaign slogan for your small business? Heres our advice.

TIP #1: Avoid the slogan that feels too familiar. Below is what were talking about...

"Quality workmanship since 1998" (No one will remember that for a second.)

"Experience from a name you can trust" (If you and nine million other businesses share the same slogan, why bother?)

"Got Blinds?", "Got Termites?", "Got Hot Tub?" (Representatives from the dairy industry have repeatedly said they love it when companies use their "Got Milk" line because it actually helps raise awareness for Milk and does nothing for the small business using the copycat phrase.)

TIP #2: Catchy slogans, whether they be restaurant billboard ad slogans or accounting firm taglines, should always offer a point of differentiation delivered in a memorable way.

Lets say youre an online-based yearbook company. Your point of differentiation is obviously that youre more cutting edge and dynamic that traditional yearbooks. A good slogan might be "The Future Of Looking At Your Past." Its clever and its catchy and points out what makes you unique.

TIP #3: Just Do It.

Ok, "Just Do It" is one of the most popular slogans of all time but its coincidently worth paying attention to when choosing a slogan. Dont put it off! Its too important to say, Ill get to that next week,"

So how should you proceed to get great ad slogans, campaign slogans, small business taglines and more? Dont try and do it yourself! You wouldnt want a professional slogan writer doing your job so dont attempt to do theirs.

The hottest option right now is using a slogan generator website. Using these professional slogan generator sites, simply require you to put up a cash prize (usually anywhere from $200 - $999) then professional slogan writers start submitting ad agency quality marketing slogans and taglines, often within 24 hours. When the contest is over, usually after a couple weeks, depending on the site, you determine your favorite entry. The best campaign slogan or advertising tagline writer wins the cash and the rights to the slogan/tagline are yours. Writers are primarily based out of the United States, Australia and England.

Your other option is to hire an ad firm. That means way less choices than a contest slogan site and the cost is more money, however that might be the best route if you prefer the older, more established way of getting a slogan.

A winning advertising tagline is always a great investment. So get going on that new slogan now!

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