Benefits Of Rising Early
Benefits Of Rising Early

Benefits Of Rising Early

It is said that rising early is good for you because thats how the nature has made any human body to work. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise" is an age old saying told and retold the world over. There are some, still untouched by even the thought of rising early.

Considering the health prospective of rising early, there are certain scientifically proven advantages of the habit. One of them is breakfast. According to studies - for a healthy person, breakfast plays a very important role. A good heavy breakfast keeps a person energetic through out the day. All doctors suggest that ones food cycle should follow the pattern of breakfast - heaviest, followed by lunch - mid sized and then dinner - lightest. A few people may object with the rationale that even after they wake up late they manage to have their breakfast but the issue lies in the fact that you reduce your daylight time hence leading to meals in quick sessions without giving an appropriate gap which is not healthy.

Another huge benefit of rising early in terms of health, is that it gives you time to exercise in the morning. According to studies, a person exercising in the morning benefits more than the person who exercises in the evening. This is due to the fact that in the morning your muscles are relaxed after a good nap and working out at that time adds correct volume quickly since relaxed muscles are more malleable. In the evening, one has already tired his muscles and energy levels are low. Hence the effect of exercise is less compared to the early morning regime. Apart from this exercising in the morning makes you energetic and well equipped to face the day.

There are some other, not so health centric, benefits of being an early riser. One of them is productivity. If a person rises early in the day then he has a lot of time to himself since the day gets longer. This means he can channelize all his energies into the direction of his choice for a longer period of time, obviously increasing his productivity. Simply the fact that you have few extra hours of time in which to pursue your interests and hobbies will also keep you mentally peaceful and happy.

By rising early in the morning one has ample time to make a action plan of the day and stick to it by which goals are achieved better and sooner, from which one derives great satisfaction. It has been observed that people who wake up early move towards their goals much faster than late risers simply because the former have more time to spare.

There are a number of small benefits of rising early in day to day life. One of them is easy commuting. When a person rises early he generally leaves for work early to hence relieving himself from the hassle of rushing to office, making his morning more peaceful and happier. Another benefit is that in fresh morning air is good for health so its good to get out of the house early.

In todays world, parents find it hard to find time for their children and couples find it hard to converse after their tiring days. Morning breakfast together helps families fill up this gap, which is possible only if everyone rises early.

In a nutshell, early rising is conducive to ones overall well being.

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