Beginner Guitar Online - Super Easy Introduction to Guitar Strumming
Beginner Guitar Online - Super Easy Introduction to Guitar Strumming

Beginner Guitar Online - Super Easy Introduction to Guitar Strumming

In the process of learning how to play your guitar chords, you will want to get started and apply these chords to a musical situation like a favourite song.. If you have learned even just one guitar chord, then you are ready to begin learning how to strum on your guitar.

Strumming on the guitar can seem like a mystery when watching other players flawlessly play rhythm on the guitar. What looks difficult, is in reality, a combination of practice and what are called strumming patterns.

Lets take a look at how to strum on your guitar in three easy mini lessons to describe how to get started strumming your guitar.

1. Guitar strumming: Its great to learn how to play guitar chords, however, Its even more fun once you figure out how to strum your guitar chords. Guitar chord strumming consists of learning rhythm strum patterns that will utilize your right hand while holding your guitar pick. With your guitar pick you strum your hand up and down the guitar strings with the chord that you are playing with.

2. Strum patterns: Basic guitar strum patterns consist of what are called down strokes and upstrokes. Begin to Mix and match your Up and down strokes with your guitar chords. Mixing around your up and down strokes will allow for variation in the sound of your guitar chords. As you improve your strum pattern technique, you will discover a whole new world of strumming pattern variations that will add life and creativity to the guitar chords that you are learning.

3. Get Started: Pick your favourite guitar chord. With your right hand holding your guitar pick, count to yourself the following; one, two, three, four. Repeat this to yourself four times so that you have in your head what is called a 4/4 time signature. In a downward motion strum your guitar four times. You have now played the most basic guitar strum pattern available. Next, strum upwards four times counting 1234. Next, we are going to vary your strum pattern. With your right hand strum down and then strum up. Do this 2x. In other words: down, up, down up. While you are strumming your guitar remember to count out loud. For example: Down="1", Up="2", Down="3", Down="4". Repeat this strum pattern over and over, and try different strum pattern combinations such as up=1 up=2 up=3 down=4.

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