Bedroom Feng Shui - Perfect Passion Or Straight to Sleep?

Bedroom Feng Shui - Perfect Passion Or Straight to Sleep?

Bedroom Feng Shui Article

Do you want a night of passion? Or a good nights sleep? How you arrange your room can affect them both! So learn about your bedroom Feng Shui... Get what you want in the bedroom!

Your bedroom is a very important room in your Feng Shui home. It is where you sleep, and hopefully where your love life is centred.

Feng Shui can help you - whether you need to drop off easily, and get a good nights sleep at last, or if you want to bring more passion and spice into the bedroom...!

...or maybe both...!

When you are sleeping you absorb a lot of the energies from the environment around you - your bedroom. This means that your bedroom has to be in a suitable state to provide rest and relaxation while you are sleeping - and perhaps even to encourage your love life a little...!

Feng Shui can help you with this!

Feng Shui provides clear guidelines in the bedroom - for a relaxing night of sleep - or a night of passion!

To get more sleep and better sleep, you should try to make sure that the head of your bed is pointing due north.

If you have to, position your bed so that is arranged diagonally in the room, but still points north.

This may leave you with the corners of the room pointing right at you in your bed. This is bad news in Feng Shui - it creates harsh, sharp energies, which unsettle you (and stop you sleeping). But in this instance, there is no need to worry - simply drape soft cloths and fabrics around the corner, or disguise it with a bushy plant or vase of flowers.

Try to keep materials in your bedroom and bed as soft and natural as possible. This means using wood, and fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk, rather than synthetic materials.

Feng Shui also advises that you will sleep much better on a mattress made of natural materials - wool, hair, straw and cotton - rather than synthetic foams and metal springs!

If possible, position your bed so that doors and windows are not behind you when you sleep. Keep doors and window coverings closed. This will bring you more relaxation and a calmer sleep.

Mirrors are a big no-no in the Feng Shui bedroom. It is likely you will still like to have a mirror in your bedroom though, so make sure it does not point directly at the bed, and cover it while you sleep.

Now, onto the bit I am sure you have been waiting for...! How can Feng Shui spice up your love life and bring you a bit of passion into your bedroom...?

Certainly, once you have got your relaxation and sleeping arrangements sorted, you will definitely feel more rested, with energy to spare, to concentrate on your love life.

Feng Shui can help you with this too...

If your bed is already pointing north, you will be pleased to know that this means more sex!

If you want romance position your bed with the head pointing west, and for passion point it south.

Bring plenty of voluptuous softness into your bedroom - a large bed, soft chair and plenty of cushions and throws. Choose soft sensuous fabrics, especially in cream and shiny black - silks and lace are ideal choices - drape them over the bed and hang them at the walls.

Purple and red candles should also be added - place them in pairs, and light them, to be most effective.

Place a pair of orchids by the side of the bed.

If it is an existing relationship that has gone a little staid and boring, Feng Shui can help you to relive those heady, passionate days when you first met, and really spice up your life!

In this case, choose yellows, browns, beiges and matt black as your main colors of inspiration in your bedroom.

Position your bed so that the head points south-west and place yellow flowers and candles in the south west corners of your bedroom and home.

I am sure in no time that your love life will be back on track and full of passion. And I hope that you will also be sleeping soundly in your bed too (when you are not doing the passion bit, of course!!!)

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