Basic Things You Need To Know In German Shepherd Training

Basic Things You Need To Know In German Shepherd Training

There are few things cuter than a German shepherd puppy, but without some serious training, that pup may grow into a dog that is difficult to control. The size and appearance of an adult German shepherd is an intimidating sight to many, but a dog that does not obey his masters command can terrorize the home and neighborhood.

That is why it is so important to begin German shepherd training from the first day you bring your pup home from the breeder, to ensure your dog grows into an enjoyable member of your family. Check out these tips on German shepherd training to start you and your puppy on the right foot together.

Whos The Master?

Hopefully you are, when it comes to German shepherd training. These dogs are pack animals all the way, so establishing yourself as the Alpha dog, or leader of the pack, is essential if you want respect and obedience from your pup. This can be done by working with your dog on basic commands like "come" and "sit", with plenty of praise when he obeys your instruction.

Do not ever allow your dog to nip or snarl at you. Make sure that if and when he does, a firm shake on the scruff of his neck is given and that he is to be in his crate fro at last ten minutes without giving him any attention. Once he acknowledges the fact that you are his pack leader, the rest of the German shepherd training should run smoothly.

Be Consistent

Just like little kids, dogs respond to a fair and consistent instruction. If you do not like the idea of your dog jumping up or climbing on the sofa in your living room, do not make him sit there at all. If you want your dog to listen and obey your command to go to his crate, be sure to enforce instruction every time you offer it to him.

Being consistent in the household will make your dogs comfort and security lever higher and that will make him more obedient to your commands. You will have to think about the rules that you want done before you bring your pup home and make sure that you stick with these rules.


Remember that a lot of positive reinforcement in training will really help as dogs are most likely to respond to praises even though they get to be reprimanded during the training session. Be it whether in an obedience class or you training your dog yourself, it is always important to acknowledge the positive behavior that your dog does.

A lot of positive attention and a joyful voice will make the praise really helpful. You can also use food treats in order for your pup to learn new tricks. Whichever reinforcement you decide to use, ensure that you give it to your dog every possible time that you can so you can reinforce a positive behavior.

Training a German shepherd takes effort, patience and time. And even so, the rewards is going to be worth every minute and second of it. Those who have used the German shepherd training have enjoyed a lot of years with their dog who is extremely behaved and a pleasure to his whole family.
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