Are Chemical Peels Safe

Are Chemical Peels Safe

Most of us have heard of the dangers of chemical peels and how people resort to treatments to treat the after effects of chemical peels. This prompts us to think if chemical peels are a safe way to address our skin problems like scars left by acne, pigmentations, sunburns etc.

The most popular peels available in market today work by burning off of the outer layers of the skin leaving the new inner layers exposed. Thus the scarred outer layers are removed allowing it to be replaced with fresh new clear skin. The active ingredient in any chemical peel is usually an acid. It could be Trichloro-acetic acid (TCA), Alpha hydroxyl acid ( AHA), Glycolic acid or phenolic acid.

These acids have the property to burn anything that they come in contact with. Care should be taken to keep it off sensitive parts of skin like eyes, neck etc. Also, a persons skins response to these acids can vary from one to another. Some skins may be very sensitive to certain acids, while others may not.

It is very important to always start from lower concentrations or peel strength and slowly build it up as you learn that your skin is tolerant. It is recommended to do a patch testing in a small area of the skin to start with. If you learn that your skin is tolerant, then you can proceed with the peel.

Home peels are preferred these days as it is economical and easy for self application.
When these acid peels are used at home, it is even more important to be informed of the right methods to have a safe chemical peeling.

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