Advice For Men How To Shave When You Had Acne
Advice For Men How To Shave When You Had Acne

Advice For Men How To Shave When You Had Acne

For the teenage young man who is new to shaving, coping with acne is a problem that just irritates people to no end. Trying to shave when breaking out with a big group of pimples can lead to many problems. However, it happens to everyone, so here are a few tips to make shaving easier to handle.

First, wash your face before you shave. Use hot, soapy water and wash it carefully. Then, apply shaving cream only on the areas that are pimple free and ready to shave. Be careful and do not nick the blemish, because that can be painful and it could bleed and force you to wear a bandage strip all day. Use a fresh, sharp disposable razor and carefully shave around the area. Some days you will have patches of light or even heavy beard surrounding the outbreak area, but dont worry about the looks. It is better to avoid drawing blood and creating a painful mess. One concern when shaving, is to make sure you use a razor blade that is both sharp and clean. Most disposable razors can get about two to three shaving sessions before they become too dull. Once the razor is dull, throw it away and use a new one. Using a dull razor can damage the skin and make outbreaks worse.

For many teenage young men, the electric shaver is very helpful. Many find that by using an electric shaver they worry much less about pimples. In fact, unless the blemish is large and sore, you may be able to shave right over it with an electric razor without doing any harm. If you choose to go the electric shaver route, find a pre-shave lotion that will help the whiskers of your beard stand up so that they can be shaved off easier. Many of these pre-shave lotions contain alcohol and that can both dry out the skin and be painful if applied to acne. Find a brand that has no alcohol, and if possible one that contains an antibacterial agent that can even help you find acne.

Teenagers that choose to use an electric shaver on a regular basis may find they have an easier time shaving while they have a breakout of acne. However, it is vital to use a pre-shave lotion that is alcohol free. This leads to fewer problems now than when a blade and soap is used. In fact, some teenagers may choose to only skip shaving during really bad outbreaks due to the soreness of the blemishes. This does not mean that teenagers must use an electric razor. Many can successfully use a blade with little or no problems. These teens find that shaving around the patches of acne is more beneficial. For those teens that might prefer to skip shaving altogether because of acne, growing facial hair can be interesting to try and they may find they like the facial hair better.

Many teenagers also find that shaving every day is not necessary. If your beard is light then shaving every two or three days, or for some even once a week can be enough. If that is the case, then you can possibly wait until the outbreak has started to go away before shaving the area. Many problems go away with time, and fortunately acne is one of them.

Of course many youngsters find that the hassle of shaving during an outbreak is just no fun at all, and go the route of growing a beard. This can tend to make a person look a bit scruffy is the beard is not full and well trimmed, but many do prefer it to shaving during an outbreak. If you choose this method, be aware of proper grooming methods of facial hair.

Young men who suffer from the embarrassing problems of acne should rest assured though that the problem is temporary. Most people do outgrow acne by the time they leave puberty. Most people in their early twenties no longer suffer from the problems associated with ace, and it has faded to an unpleasant memory. Once a person ages past acne, shaving is no longer a bother, but the good skin care habits picked up during the teenage years can stay with a person for a lifetime.

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