Acne Scar Home Treatment - Can it Clear Acne Scars Completely?

Acne Scar Home Treatment - Can it Clear Acne Scars Completely?

Acne scar is very common in teenagers as well as adults. Acne when it heals will almost always leave its marks behind. With hospital administered treatments for acne scars being very expensive, there are several acne scar home treatment methods.

Some of the popular home treatment methods for acne scar removal are as follows:

• Application of Vitamin E oil present in the capsule
• Apply a mixture of honey and milk and wash it off
• Use tea tree oil to wash your face
• Use Aloe Vera pulp on the face
• Wash the face with apple cider vinegar
• Applying olive oil or castor oil on the face after using steam or wet towel to open up the pores

The above treatments can be used to treat acne scar at home. However, they take a lot of time to show any visible results and at the same time work only when the scars are mild.

If the scars are deep the best treatment would be to go for treatments like chemical peel treatment or laser resurfacing. Chemical peel treatment that can be administered at home for acne scar home treatment is becoming very popular these days. Although, it is important that you choose the right chemical peel to get maximum benefits.

Chemical peels involve the application of a chemical peel solution on the face. The outer layers of skin which has had acne scars, dirt, dead skin cells and debris will get peeled off in the process and the new inner skin which is clear gets exposed.

Generally peels are based on acids like lactic acid, phenolic acid, acetic acid etc. Such peels are not recommended for home use as it carries a lot of risks with it. It is recommended to go for peels that are based on a natural formulation which is approved by FDA for home use.
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