7 Reasons A Schwinn Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike Is Better

7 Reasons A Schwinn Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike Is Better

The Schwinn Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike was the first dual action bike to be patented. Thats not the reason its remained popular for decades. Ive ridden the same Schwinn Airdyne for almost 20 years and I bought it used! Heres why its popular and why it still makes sense.

1. Its Fun To Ride

Since you can pump with your arms and legs too, you stay busy. Get tired of that, just pump with your legs. Tired of that? Pump just with your arms. You can mix it up and fight boredom. Theres a certain rhythm to that arm pumping in sync with the pedals.

2.Its Stable For Hard Rides

This thing cries out for hard riding. Ride as hard as you can, you cant hurt it. These things are in gyms and fitness centers all over the place. They stand up to the roughest workouts. Its heavy enough that its not going to be rocking and swaying with you either.

3. Perfect For Circuit Like Workouts

Varying the tempo and resistance is the fastest way to get in shape. This bike is perfect for that. The faster you go, the faster that big fan turns. The faster it turns the higher the resistance. It just challenges you to see what you can do or you can just loaf along and get a workout too.

4. Its Simple

Few gadgets means less trouble. Very little electronics to go bad.

5. Comfortable Seat

This isnt a recumbent, but it still has a comfortable ride. Thats largely because it has a big cushion seat. My bike seat still looks like new too even after years of use.

6. Air Cooled

The fan makes a lot of noise. This machine is not quiet. Its noisy, but its just wind noise, not clanking and rattling. All that fan turning really kicks up a breeze which is especially good when you get a sweat going.

7. You Only Need One

The bike you buy will probably be the only one you need. They last and last.

If you can have a classic exercise machine, the Schwinn Air dyne Upright Exercise Bike is it. Still popular after decades of sales, this is one tough machine. Its fun to ride and lasts for years with little or no maintenance.

Ive ridden the same Schwinn Airdyne for almost 20 years. Get more facts plus owner comments about the Schwinn Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike at our website.

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