52 Destiny Cards Will Tell You The Truth!

52 Destiny Cards Will Tell You The Truth!

Whenever I am faced with a situation where what someone says conflicts with what I know about the cards, I always believe the cards first. To date, they have never lied to me. This information has been helpful in so many ways, with clients and with my personal life. Let me give you a few good examples to illustrate what I mean.

The first example is one that has occurred many times while giving a reading. I will be reading for a client who is a Three or a Five or some other card that is what I consider highly unmarriageable (see Love Cards, page 329). An important part of the card readings I give is to illuminate for the person just what their Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards reveal about their personality and karma for this lifetime. Often with one of these people I will say something like, "Commitment is something you have trouble with" or "You have a short attention span when it comes to love," or some other comment to indicate their trouble with long-term commitment in love relationships. This is all fine and good but invariably I meet someone who says, "No, that is not me at all. I am very committed." This is where the cards come in to help me. I learned early on that there is a principle that applies to relationships and other areas that is very important in these cases. It goes like this: When it comes to card traits, or astrological traits for that matter, we either act them out ourselves or we pick a partner who does. So, now, when I get a client who denies having those characteristics at all, and believe me, they are very convinced they do not have them, I ask them about their partners. I will say something like, "Have you ever been with someone who is like that?" Invariably the answer comes back a resounding yes. Usually the person will go on to describe how all of their significant relationships have been with people who were unmarriageable.

I call this the mirroring quality of relationships and when you start using the card reading system you will find this is very common. In this situation, the person themselves have these unmarriageable qualities. There is no doubt about it. However, for one reason or another they have chosen to not express these. Usually they have stuffed them down. There can be many reasons for this such as childhood influences and the like. But for whatever reason, this person has evolved into a place where they are in pretty much denial about having those qualities. And whenever this is the case, the universe arranges things in such a way that they will be most attracted to relationships with those who are acting them out.

This goes to the heart of what relationship is really about on a spiritual level. One of the most important things a relationship does is help us see qualities, within ourselves, that we have ignored or run away from. And it seems funny to realize how we are most attracted those who possess these so-called negative traits. This is not a conscious process for most people. It happens on an energetic level. Few people actually analyze their attractions. For the most part we just follow them. But beneath our attractions are strong spiritual forces at work, forces designed to help us see ourselves and expand our vision of who we are. The destiny cards are a tool that helps make this dynamic more plausible and real. When we see that our card has such-and-such traits and those traits are the ones found in most of the relationships we have been in, we begin to question our own self-image. This is a powerful process that leads to higher self-awareness and later, self-acceptance.

Here is another good example of how the cards can reveal the truth. A client of mine recently asked me, "Why does my brother hate me so much?" I got the brothers birthday and looked at the connections between them. It turned out that the brother was my clients direct Mars card in the Life Spread. However, my clients cards were not in her brothers spreads at all. What this told me is that the brother made my client mad, but not vice versa. This is an important principle that the cards reveal. When someone is our Mars card in the Life Spread, they make us angry, but not vice-versa. Our Mars card can represent all the things that we dislike about ourselves. When we see someone who is that card, we see them glorifying those qualities which we do not approve of in ourselves. This usually makes us angry. Since it is we that are angry, it is also we who bear the greatest responsibility for how the relationship goes. So, I told my client, "He doesnt hate you, you hate him." She balked at this comment at first. Then I talked to her a bit about their relationship. Soon, it became evident that this was entirely true. However, it was hard to ferret out because one of my clients personal significators was a Nine. People who have a Nine as Birth Card or Planetary Ruling Card are often what we call passive-aggressive. When they get angry with someone, they do not show it or act out angrily. Instead they play games like take away and escape. They will retreat into denying their participation as a way of getting back at the person who made them angry. And, on top of this, they often feel that they are the victims of any situations they are in. Thus, if we take these two factors together, it would be hard for one of these Nine people to realize that they even get angry at all if they are passive-aggressive and victim-oriented. This was the case with my client but after further discussion she saw her own part of the dynamic with her brother. What is really great about these sorts of discussions in a free reading is that when a person gets to see their own role in a situation like this, they get their power back and immediately feel better about it. They go from blaming others to taking responsibility and this always has a positive effect immediately.

Thus, the cards came through again. But I have one more example that occurs frequently. This happens between two people, one of which is the direct or vertical Saturn card in the others Life Spread. When we meet our Saturn card, we are meeting our critic. I was recently at a social gathering where we were doing some chanting. I led a chant, one I had learned years ago. At the conclusion of the chanting a young woman approached me and said, "I think you got the words to that chant wrong." She looked at me very seriously as though this was something of great importance for me to see. She then presented her case about that and I then explained where the chant came from, etc. and she was satisfied with my answer and went on. I immediately thought to myself, she must be a 7 of Clubs, my Saturn Card. Later that evening I asked her what her birthday was and sure enough she was a 7 of Clubs. This is all well and good and this is how most Saturn connections relationships play themselves out. The Saturn person feels compelled to help the other by pointing out their deficiencies. But there are cases when you will find a person who is acting like the Saturn person when just the opposite is true.
I have seen this dynamic many times and I am sure if you pay attention you will too. What happens is that a person meets someone who is their direct or vertical Saturn card in the Life Spread (these are the ones most likely to be our critic). But instead of being criticized by them, these people seem to want to criticize their Saturn card instead. The first few times I saw this, I checked to see if this person was also some Saturn influence to the other. But I discovered that no, it was only Saturn to them, not the other way around. What is going on here? I asked myself. This seems backwards. No, it is backwards! But I refused to believe that the cards were wrong. Everything in me told me something was up. After seeing this a few times the exact thing happened to me. I met a 7 of Clubs person and I saw myself criticizing them. I saw myself using the word should in reference to them a lot and exhibiting all the other Saturn-like behaviors. But since it was happening to me, I got the chance to explore it deeper. I searched my feelings about this person to see what was going on and then it dawned on me. I was criticizing them because I thought that this would prevent them from criticizing me. And I didnt think they would criticize me because they were my Saturn card. I just felt it inside. I believe there is a part of each of us that always knows when we meet someone. We always know their real role in our life, what they are here to show us. But we may choose to avoid the lesson they bring us. I could see that in my case, I was using attack as a defense. And later, as this same dynamic appeared in many of my clients, I got the opportunity to check it out. It was the same in each case. Using attack as a defense is a way of avoiding the lesson. But once I saw that I was doing this, I made a conscious choice to stop doing it and face whatever was there. I have encouraged many of my clients to do the very same.
There have been many other examples, too, examples like when a person is involved with a Jack who doesnt have any idea that the Jack person is completely lying to them. When I suggest it, they balk. But later, it turns out to be true. Are people this easy to figure out? Perhaps we are. Therefore, the cards have not lied to me yet. And they continue to amaze me, even after 12 years of using them, teaching and writing about them. I am always excited when I meet someone new and find out their birthday. And when, in conversation with them, it appears that their life does not match up with the cards, I always trust the cards first.

Eric John Kingston is an article marketing assistant of Robert Lee Camp. Robert is the number one teacher, author, and authority alive today in the realm of card science. He has written over 15 books about this amazing science and has personally performed several thousand card readings for individuals and for businesses and corporations. Get a free reading online and learn more about this card science at http://www.7thunders.com.