5 Tattoo Designs You Should Just Never Get
5 Tattoo Designs You Should Just Never Get

5 Tattoo Designs You Should Just Never Get

You may have heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when it comes to tattoos, the saying couldnt be truer. What one person views as a work of art, another might view as distasteful or weird. There are some tattoos, however, that reach beyond personal artistic interpretation and can wreak havoc on a persons social life, especially if these tattoo are in a public viewing area. Before getting your next tattoo, take the time to think carefully of its design and how that design will impact your life. You and your tattoo will be spending a lifetime together; choose wisely. Here are five tattoo designs that you should never get.

1. Your girlfriend/boyfriends face.

This simply is not a good idea. Sure, it seems like your love will last forever, but when it doesnt youll have the reminder of your failed relationship tattooed for an eternity. Not only will you not want to keep looking at your ex, your future partner wont either.

2. Genitalia

Genitalia are a bad idea, especially in a public part of the body (and even more distasteful when your partner suddenly discovers you have other genitalia than the ones you were born with). By tattooing genitalia on your body, you are classifying yourself as someone who only thinks of sex, all the time. It can be a huge turnoff in future relationships and prevent your employment possibilities, not a wise choice.

3. Company Brand Names and Logos

Whether its McDonalds, Slurpee, or Oscar Meyer, when considering tattoo ideas, stay clear from brand names and logos. Youll only make yourself look like a walking billboard and most people are tired of consumer marketing anyway.

4. Names, Sayings, and Quotes

Text isnt a good idea. It shows that you were bored and couldnt come up with a creative work of art so opted for lettering instead. When you tattoo your partners name, your name, or your nickname you run the risk of leaving one season of your life and entering another, where these tattooed texts are no longer applicable.

5. Anything Poorly Drawn- Including Cartoons and Faces

Tattoo artists must first prove to you that they are artists. Make certain that the tattoo artist knows how to draw. It doesnt matter what your inspiration is, it only takes an unskilled tattoo artist one moment to leave their poorly drawn imprints branded on your body for the rest of your life. In an instant, the face of your loved one can be transformed into a hideously, aged freak by a tattoo artist who simply lacks skill and talent. Additionally, theres nothing worse than an Elmo, Barney, or Bart Simpson tattoo, except ones that are poorly drawn. Stay away from the kids toons and make certain that the tattoo artist can draw on paper before he or she ever takes a needle to your body.Want to try tattoo removal to get rid of a tattoo? Try Nuviderm Home Tattoo Removal -