5 Casual Friday Outfit Ideas for Women

5 Casual Friday Outfit Ideas for Women

Casual Friday can pose a fashion dilemma. You still need to be appropriate for work, but its also a chance to go with more of a relaxed look. Stores like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor have appropriate pieces for casual Friday, such as:

1. Day Dresses
Day dresses should have sleeves to be appropriate for the office. Whenever you go with a relaxed fabric or silhouette, you need to make up for it with your color palette. Instead of a harsh black, try out a softer gray that is still appropriate for work. You can make it more casual by going with leggings instead of hosiery. Look for a solid material in a knit. The silhouette should still be form fitting with an hour glass shape. It can also have details on the sleeves, such as military style cuffs or an oversized butterfly sleeve.

2. Cardigans
Cardigans are a more relaxed option than the basic business jacket. A higher neck will seem more appropriate for work. This can have subtle ruffle details. Give it more shape with a skinny belt at the waist. Skinny belts can be trendy or vintage depending on the rest of your outfit. This style can work with a summery baby doll style blouse. It also gives a more casual appearance to a sheath dress or basic pair of work trousers. You dont have to replace every single item in your wardrobe for Casual Friday.

3. Layered Looks
Layering feels more casual. This allows you to transition from summer into fall. Its also a chance to blend your casual and career wardrobes. If you have a fitted white shirt underneath, then go with a chunky sweater on top. If you just have a basic long sleeve tee underneath, then go for a chiffon top for more sophistication. Youll want to stay in a monochromatic or neutral color palette, like ivory or taupe, so that your color combinations dont get too wild.

4. Jeans
You might be wondering just how much you can get away with on Casual Friday. Read your office policy to see if wearing jeans is appropriate because this will vary. You can use these items with a basic work blazer to mix your two styles. Hem your pants so it looks like a basic trouser. Youll also want to stick with a dark wash with minimal fading.

5. Blouses
If you are seeing clients, you still need to give off a professional air, even on Friday. In this case, look for a different silhouette of blouse. This can even be a plain boat neck style with short sleeves. A polyester fabric is comfortable and stretchy as well as inexpensive and easy to clean. It can mimic a more difficult to care for satin or silk. A wrap style blouse adds a feminine touch to a cotton fabric. You can also integrate skirts into this style. Look for a straight skirt with an elastic waist. It will be comfortable but still gives you a professional look. You can make your outfit fun just by changing up the pattern of the skirt instead of going with the basic wool variety by using a stripe or lace appliqué style.

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