3 Advanced Alpha Male Tips To Easily Get The Hottest Girl At The Bar

3 Advanced Alpha Male Tips To Easily Get The Hottest Girl At The Bar

Every man dreams of dating a beautiful woman. And at a bar, the desire to date that hottest girl increases by at least 10 fold. For any hot girl at the bar, there are many suitors waiting to make an impact on her. While some might try to approach her with corny pick up lines, a more sure fire approach would be the Alpha Male approach.

Advanced Alpha Male Tip #1 - Confidence

Confidence is the key to many successes in life and that includes being able to naturally attract and keep women. And of course, many males in this world lack this character trait and I am going to briefly show you 2 different ways on how to develop confidence.

You can either work on your outer game or your inner game. Working on your outer game would actually mean "fake it till you make it". This means that you go out to the field armed with a few techniques and meet women. The key here is to practice, practice and more practice. As you practice more and more, you naturally gain confidence towards women.

Increasing your confidence through your inner game would be actually going deep into your inner self and find out your issues. Gaining control of your inner game is to find out what makes you insecure, lack of confidence and solving them. You can do that through the use of NLP, hypnosis etc. Once you get your inner game settled, your outer game will take care of itself.

Advanced Alpha Male Tip #2 - Body Language

When you interact with someone, words only make up of 7%, while 38% accounts to tonality and body language makes up 55% of your interaction. Thus, body language can tell a lot about you and your personality.

So, what type of body language does the alpha male portray? First, they stand confidently with their chest slightly sticking out. They walk confidently with both arms swinging and when they sit, they occupy more space than required.

Advanced Alpha Male Tip #3 - Be Decisive

The reason why alpha males tend to dominate is because they dare to make decisions. Beta males, on the other hand, tend to be more passive when it comes to decision making. Many people fear to make decisions is because they are afraid that their decision will be wrong. Yes, there are going to be moments in life that you will make the wrong decision. But... does it really matter? You learn from it and as time goes by, you will start to make better ones and women love it.

So, do yourself a favor. Start making decisions now and do your best to keep to it. Women will respect you for it. Most importantly, making decisions make you feel ALIVE. Trust me on this.

Women unlike men tend to respond to different values and triggers. While looks are as important, it is the inner game of confidence, body language and decisiveness that secretly attracts and pulls a woman. Do you have the above traits that naturally scores with women?

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