With SweatStrips, No More “Ring Around the Collar”

With SweatStrips, No More “Ring Around the Collar”

"Ring around the rosie,, a pocket full of posies! Ashes! Ashes, we all fall down." Are the famous lyrics of childrens nursery song. Quite pleasant to the ears, really nice to hear and even wonderful to see children forming a ring around a beautiful rose. But how about hearing the phrases form your colleagues: Hey! You have a "ring around the collar"! Unnerving isnt it?

What is a "Ring around the Collar" anyway? Simple, it is a collection of dirt and grime forming on the surface of your collar in a ring like shape that is visible to other people! This is where SweatStrips comes to the rescue! This product is made up of strips of matter that is made to absorb the sweat especially on the area of your neck and those covered by your polo cuffs.

People around the world, especially those who have tried and tested the product have testified about the products quality. So do not wonder if ever you hear about it from your colleagues, family and friends.

Apparently like the disposable polo protector, this product does not only make your clothing resistant to dirt and grime, it also shields your reputation especially when it is on first impressions that you will get on meetings, job promotions and eventually interviews.

Interested? Learn more about the product on www.sweatstrips.org. You can even get a free sample at the website! If you really like to purchase the product, you can order at the website itself using credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, eCheck and a lot more.

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